Humber Bridge Toll to be halved for HGVs

Operators using the Humber Bridge Crossing have been given an early Christmas gift from the Chancellor, with plans announced in this week’s Autumn Statement to halve the fee HGVs pay to cross.

Following a hike earlier this year, HGVs over 7.5-tonnes have had to cough up £20.30 to make a single crossing.

However, early this week George Osborne promised to write down the outstanding debt on the Humber crossing by £150m, which will allow tolls to be cut in half.

A spokeswoman for the bridge confirms to that the discount will apply to HGVs, not just cars as reported, and will likely come into force from April next year, although more detail is not currently available.

Media reports suggest the Treasury will also hold talks with stakeholders over the Severn crossing, which will cost HGVs £18.10 to use from next year after a 90p increase.

The latest rise has been attacked by the Freight Transport Association. Policy manager for Wales Ian Gallagher says: “Severn tolls already cost companies many thousands of pounds a month; this latest price hike will make life a lot tougher for hauliers who cross from England into south Wales and comes at a tim when companies are already struggling in the face of higher fuel costs.”

The haulage industry was given short-term relief from escalating fuel prices following the Chancellor’s pledge to scrap the planned January duty rise of 3ppl as well as reducing the August rise by 2ppl to 3ppl, in the Annual Statement.

Gefco opens tyre hotel

Gefco is to offer a tyre hotel storage service to Peugeot and Citroën as part of the manufacturers’ winter tyre programme.

All 600 PSA Peugeot Citroën dealerships will be offering winter tyres to its customers with Gefco  storing summer tyres in the tyre hotel – a secure warehouse holding all customers' summer-tyres. Gefco expects to handle 1,500 tyres at six different locations.

Gefco UK sales and marketing manager Karen Kinsella says: “The tyre hotel demonstrates Gefco’s ongoing commitment to finding innovative solutions to meet evolving customer needs. Peugeot and Citroen are two of Gefco’s core clients and we’re very pleased to be adding to the portfolio of services we already offer them.”