Iran Khodro Diesel Begins Heavy Vehicle Exports to Venezuela.

OK, so they're buses - at the moment - but this is yet another example of the emerging markets doing business with the emerging markets. News too that IKD is looking to establish a production plant in Turkey. What next, we wonder.

Asia Motor Works to Compete on Price

Volvo's only 49 tonne competitor in India - Asia Motor Works - is to take the fight to the Swedes on price. Following a Supreme Court ruling in 2005, which finally put an end to overloading - or has certainly reduced any defence against the same - the 49 tonne market is potentially a high growth one.AMW's 49-tonne tractor-trailer uses a ZF 9-speed gearbox, a Cummins 235hp engine, Meritor axles and Valeo clutch. Its gross combination weight allows a 36 tonne payload.