Changes at Weightlifter and PPG Fabrications

Nigel Butler takes over Weightlifter and PPG

Trailer and tipping trailer manufacturers Weightlifter Bodies and PPG Fabrications have been acquired by Grange Cross.

Former MD Paul Weightman who retires after 27 years at the helm, is handing the reins to former commercial director of Renault Trucks and Grange Cross shareholder, Nigel Butler.

Weightman said: “I am very pleased to be able to secure the future for the business, the staff and the customers. Through innovation and build quality, we have been leaders in tipping trailers and bodies for many decades. I am certain that under Nigel, the business will continue to grow and develop, maintaining its market leading position.”

His successor, Butler, said: “I am thrilled to be joining the Weightlifter and PPG teams. Paul Weightman, with his directors, has done a fantastic job to consistently be a leading and well-respected supplier of truck tipping products.

“The construction, agriculture and recycling markets are dynamic and growing, bringing lots of opportunities to develop Weightlifter and PPG.”

Butler also stated that he looks forward to “providing a secure future to our 87 staff at our two manufacturing sites by continuing to develop innovative solutions for our customers that add real value to their operations.”

Although admitting that it is “very early days” for him and the two companies, Butler stated that the manufacturers have been looking to expand on current product lines, but not before talking to its customer base and working out where the gaps in the market lie. 

8 fun facts about Ice Cream Vans that you probably never knew

  • There are an estimated 5,000 ice cream vans on Britain’s roads.
  • The world’s largest parade of ice cream vans took place at Wychwood Park, Cheshire in October 2018. In total 84 vans travelled in convoy.
  • There are mainly two types of ice cream vans in the UK, a hard van, which sells scooped ice cream and is only equipped with a freezer and a soft van, which also has a whippy machine.
  • Ice cream was invented in China in 200BC, some 2,129 years before the first ice cream van hit the roads.
  • O Sole Mio is the most-used jingle for an ice cream van.
  • The world’s biggest ice cream van was built by Skoda in 2013 to celebrate the release of its new car the Octavia vRS. The vehicle, weighed 5.5 tonnes.
  • An ice cream van for dogs, which served gammon and chicken sorbet and canine cookie crunch ice creams, was designed for the Boomerang Pets Party in London in 2010.
  • Ice cream vans have traditionally only been allowed to play their chimes for four seconds at a time, and only once every three minutes. In 2013 the law was changed to allow chimes to play for up to 12 seconds, and every two minutes.

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