LCV price stability boosts confidence

Overall LCV year-on-year residual values have stabilised throughout the first five months of 2015 at £4,599, representing the largest period of stability since November 2012, according to Shoreham Vehicle Auctions.

The organisation says average year-on-year prices have fluctuated just 6.6% throughout the year so far, compared with prices in the same period in 2014.

This compares favourably with the last three years, where average prices have fluctuated by up to a fifth year-on-year.

Although used prices in 2015 have remained stable, average year-on-year prices have decreased for five consecutive months for the first time since 2012.

Meanwhile, falling demand for LCVs under two-years-old has affected month-on-month prices in this bracket throughout 2015, with residual values falling 3%, (£340) from £11,475 to £11,135, the largest physical fall in prices between January and May.

Other prices have remained stable, with a £65 increase from £6,605 to £6,670 in the two to four-year age bracket representing the next largest physical fluctuation between January and May.

A fine balance of supply and demand of used LCVs is supporting this price stability across the market, as both increase and decrease in tandem, helping to increase overall volumes.

Alex Wright (pictured), MD, Shoreham Vehicle Auctions said: “We are confident that prices will not increase any further, resulting in a strong and buoyant market for the remainder of the year, with continuing price stability inspiring confidence in SMEs that are looking to balance quality and affordability.”

Hauliers told to expect heavy congestion as Calais workers strike

Striking ferry workers in Calais have set fire to tyres on the motorway leading to Calais’s Eurotunnel terminal today (27 July).

Eurotunnel confirmed that the Maritime Nord Union has blocked access to its French terminal, adding, “expect heavy congestion and long delays on the A16."

Hauliers met the news of further strike action by French workers at the port with frustration. Kevin Hopper, MD of Brian Yeardley Continental tweeted: “Eurotunnel – blocked by strike action –my drivers are truck drivers not battle hardened troops.”

Hopper told “The French unions cannot continue holding us to ransom like this. They should not be allowed to disrupt the British economy. Something needs to be done.”

This latest strike action closely follows industrial action by Maritime Nord Union in June which saw major disruption at Calais.

Meanwhile, beleaguered hauliers are also facing major disruption around Caen today, as French farmers continue to blockade major routes around the town.

The protest, which began at the weekend, saw livestock farmers tip tonnes of manure and rubble onto major routes. The farmers are demonstrating against falling prices for their produce.

Drivers have been warned that the movement of vehicles exceeding 7.5 tonnes is forbidden on the A13 in direction Paris to Caen, between the No. 25 interchange and the Caen ring road due to the demonstrations. French authorities have set up a series of detours in the Caen area. These include:

  • Obligatory detours apply to vehicles arriving from the A13 (Paris or Rouen) in the direction of the A28 (direction Le Mans);
  • Obligatory detour for vehicles arriving from the A29 (Pont de Normandie) in the direction of the A13 (direction Paris) and the A28 (direction Le Mans);
  • Obligatory detour for vehicles arriving from the A131 (Pont de Tancarville) in direction of the A13 (direction Paris), and the A28 (direction Le Mans),
  • On the D613 direction Evreux to Caen, between the D834 intersection and the Caen ring road: obligatory detour towards the D834, D438 or A28 (direction Le Mans);
  • On the A88 and the N158 in direction Caen and until the ring road;
  • On the A84 in direction Rennes to Caen, between the Rennes ring road (No.16 interchange) and the Caen ring road (No.9 interchange): obligatory detour towards the RN157, then A81 (direction Le Mans), then A28 (direction Rouen);
  • On the RN176 and RN175 in direction Saint Brieuc to Caen, between the “Tramain” interchange and the No.33 interchange: obligatory detour towards the RN12 (direction Rennes), then RN136, RN157, A81 (direction Le Mans), then A28 (direction Rouen).

by Carol Millett

Picture: Brian Yeardley Continental