Licence suspended after series of offences

A Wolverhampton haulier's licence has been suspended for a week and he has been told to sack his transport manager after admitting a series of vehicle offences.

Terry Northwood of Featherstone, who runs Terry Northwood Transport, was brought before West Midlands Deputy Traffic Commissioner Tim Hayden after admitting more than a dozen offences of driving without sufficient rest, using tachograph charts for longer than allowed, failing to keep driving records and speeding.

VOSA inspector Helen Key told the Deputy TC that the offences had been committed over a four-month period, some of them while Northwood was driving abroad.

Hayden said his concern about Northwood's failure to take sufficient rest was tempered by Key's belief that no commercial gain was intended.

He said he was not satisfied with the evidence of Northwood's transport manager, Peter Blackburn, and ordered that he should be replaced within three months.


O-licence centralisation hits next phase

The transfer of goods operator licensing application processing from the South-Eastern and Metropolitan, <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 />West Midlands, Welsh and Eastern Traffic Areas to the central licensing unit is to take place this week.

The address for the processing of operator licensing for all Traffic Areas is now: VOSA Licensing Application Services, Hillcrest House, 386 Harehills Lane, Leeds LS9 6NF.

Decisions on licences in all Traffic Areas will continue to be made in local offices.

Post for the public inquiry and regional intelligence units, and personal post for the Traffic Commissioners, should continue to be sent to local offices.

Traffic Area boundaries will remain unchanged and public inquiries will continue to be held in the area of each Traffic Commissioner.