Maier Gets Smart.

We like Klaus Maier, the ex-boss of Mercedes-Benz trucks. An all-round good egg with his eye on the ball, and one who is greatly missed at MB truck press conferences.Conceive, therefore, of our delight in reading that he is likely to be leaving current position as sales boss of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars to head up the entire Smart Car unit, a career path very similar to that followed by current DaimlerChrysler truck supremo Andreas Renschler – incidentally another splendid fellow.Will Maier get the top job at DC trucks when Renschler moves up a peg?

Cummins Goes to India. Passes Business Confidence on its Way Out.

Good to see that the Cummins Inc Board of Management is getting out and about a bit, and is currently enjoying some R&R in India, from which many good things are predicted to emerge, and where the US Engine builder already has a considerable presence.One does hope that the Economist was not one of the proffered publications on the plane from Indiana to Mumbai. The most recent issue has a somewhat pessimistic article contained within its covers that points to the imminent overheating of the Indian economy. Oh well.