Malcolm Harrison selling B&J Haulage fleet

Malcolm Harrison has an interesting sale coming up in April, reports Laurie Dealer. It looks like some trucks coming off the Somerset-based B&J Haulage fleet.

Some good looking stock here, including 2009-registered Renault Kerax, Lander and Premium eight-leggers, plus some DAF, Hino and Scania trucks.

Sale is on 9th April at Sharpham, near Street in Somerset.

Comic Relief and the truck business

Laurie Dealer, Mrs Dealer and the intrepid Sowing Circle has returned from town following the teams stint standing with buckets of loose shrapnel and attempting to interact with the locals.

Needless to say, Laurie Dealer's honed skills of negotiation came into its own and unsuspecting shoppers, drinkers, lay-abouts, and down and outs were duly separated from their loose change.

No one spotted and voiced recognition of the illusive Laurie Dealer but being a chartable sort the £10 has been donated, regardless.

Jobs a good un.