MAN fleet for the MoD

MAN has begun to replace the Ministry of Defence's entire fleet of support vehicles.The German firm will be supplying the MoD with 7,285 trucks in a £1.3bn deal that will run until 2013. As well as a five-year parts and labour warranty and five years' 'reliability assurance', the MANs come with 20 years' support.

The MAN HX and SX all-wheel-drive trucks are manufactured with 'medium mobility' or 'improved medium mobility' capabilities. The medium-mobility trucks are fitted with leaf springs; the improved-medium-mobility trucks feature independent coil suspension.

The 4x4s are powered by the D08 6.9-litre engine rated at 326hp; the rest feature the D20 10.5-litre engine rated at 440hp. These are the MOD's first Euro-4 vehicles; they all come with MAN's automated MAN TipMatic gearbox.

Paccar and ForEx

Right then.We are about to stub out the last cigarette and consign ourselves to ten hours inside an aluminium tube with only the prospect of the INS at the other end. Back to America for the World Truck Blog, and, tomorrow, the launch of the new Freightliner. More of which anon.There is an obvious sign upon our forehead that suggests a keenness to enter into dialogue with other passengers. This assumption needs to be corrected - we are grumpy when confined, and view humanity with some disdain. Avoidance strategies are required.And so, for the next few hours, we shall merely close our eyes and speculate as to just how much of Paccar's most recent success has been as a result of favourable Forex movements. This chart shows the fall in the value of the dollar against the Euro over the past year. How much of this has filtered back to Paccar's results? DAF can cut prices, report in Euro, convert to Dollars and still be in the money. Now we realise that it is written somewhere in a calmer part of the Old Testament that Paccar will always offer its shareholders splendid value. But how much of this recent value has been down to good management, and how much to a basketcase Greenback?