MAN, Scania, zzz...zzz...zzz...zzz

Can it get worse?Evidently: now Investor AB has begun to stick its oar in once again, telling Handelsblatt that it would like to talk to either MAN or VW – the key word here is ‘or’ - about Scania’s future. One has to laugh at Investor's stated desire to keep discussions off the front pages of the newspaper - well, it amuses me at any rate.This is fast turning into a Rocky Horror Picture Show for 21st Century truck manufacturing. One has to feel some sympathy for those who have been caught up in the unseemly machinations of the unholy trinity - Piech, Samuellson, Ostling - and one has – once again – to question the point of it all.This merger makes no sense. It was doomed from the start, is doomed now, and should be consigned to the darkness.

Piech to Head MAN?

Make of this what you will, but it seems like Dr. Piech is angling for the top spot on MAN AG’s supervisory board. Given that he has run Porsche with not so much an iron as a Hafnium Carbide fist, the Munich Job Centre might be well advised to cancel holiday entitlement for the forseeable future.Can it get worse?