Mid America: A Blogger Intrudes on an Industry's Grief

So that's it for Mid America for another year. Next stop on the show trail is the RAI Show in Amsterdam and the Tokyo show, both of which - in a fit of genius on the part of the respective organisers - are slated to take place simultaneously.But back to MATS, and an initial reaction. Miserable. We rather felt like a gatecrasher at a bedside vigil. The US business is a genuinely frightened place, and, for the first time in our memory, there is a distinct recognition of its own mortality.If things go as badly horrible as they seem likely to do, then Europe - the owner of most of the US business - will also get a bruising. It is genuinely impossible to predict where things will go from here. But the direction is certainly downhill.

Kenworth Reduces Plant Capacity

Some incongruity here.Just as Bob Christensen, General Manager of Kenworth was bigging up the Chillicothe plant to the assembled media, so too was he reducing its size.Interesting mathematical point this. Kenworth is confident about the US market, and says - we paraphrase - that its people are working hard to fulfill the order book. Having already cut capacity, it's not really suprising that utilisation remains high. Or is it?Smoke and mirrors.