Midland Truck and Van MoT vans at night

Mercedes-Benz dealer Midlands Truck & Van has started to offer night-time MoTs for customers so they no longer have to take their vehicles off the road when they could be working.

David Stewart, aftersales director, said by getting vans tested at night customers would no longer have to take vehicles off the road during the working day to get them tested, or have to transfer tools and other equipment to another vehicle ad back again.

“They need only drop their vehicle off with the dealer at the end of the day, then return to collect it, fully tested and ready for work again, the next morning,” he said. “We understand that when a vehicle is off the road during business hours it’s actually costing its owner money.

“The launch of our new night-time MoT service underlines once again, our commitment to providing customers with a service that is responsive, flexible and cost-effective.”

Midlands Truck & Van first offered night-time MoTs on vans up to 3.5 tonnes at its Coventry site, it has now extended that to its Birmingham and Wolverhampton branches. Workshops at all three sites open from 7am on Monday morning until Saturday lunchtime.

The Dealers, the story of ordinary used truck folk in 101 words. Episode five, Spilt Milk

Mrs Dealer scrutinised the figures hard. She’d became finance director after the erstwhile number cruncher had been caught intercepting other peoples post.

She’d singlehandedly reduced the all male office banter to civil discussions regarding work related matters. To escape The Boss started smoking again, often joining Asbo Trev for a quick puff behind the container. He’d take customers around the trucks to kick the tyres where’d they smoke and talk of decadence and freedom.

The Boss stared at his spouse, lover and chief accountant. Mrs Dealer raised her head and removed her glasses. “Better cut back on the milk,” she declared.

In the next episode, will the employees embrace UHT long life milk? Find out in the next episode of The Dealers, the story of ordinary used truck folk in a 101 words.

(The Dealers is a Road Transport Media Production. Author and editor is Laurie Dealer – characters are fictional and not based on any living person, any likeness is coincidental)