More than 270,000 professional drivers have completed their Driver CPC

More than 270,000 professional drivers have completed their Driver CPC periodic training, the latest Driver Standards Agency (DSA) data shows.

As of October 273,897 professional drivers (PCV and LGV) had completed their periodic training and triggered their Driver Qualification Card (DQC), compared with 258,396 in September.

680,175 professional drivers have now engaged with the Driver CPC process (having conducted at least seven hours of periodic training), which based on DSA estimates means that potentially as many as 69,825 have not.

There have been 65,866 DCQs since September 2008 for Initial Qualification (those that joined bus and coach industry after his date or September 2009 in regards LGV licence holders). This compares with September total of 63,675.

October’s Driver CPC figures (breakdown of hours completed by drivers)

7 hours – 94,853
7.5 to 14 hours – 81,171
14.5 to 21 hours – 96,863
21.5 to 28 hours – 128,487
28.5 hours to 35 hours – 248,176
(More than 35 hours 30,625)

More than 250,000 drivers have completed their periodic training

More than 258,000 professional drivers have completed their periodic Driver CPC training and received their Driver Qualification Cards (DQC), according to the latest data from the Driving Standards Agency (DSA).

The total includes both PCV and LGV drivers with acquired rights, but excludes new starters in each of the respective industries since 2008/09.

The 258,396 DQC issued as of September, represents a 6.8% increase on August’s 241,930 DQC total.

It means 671,273 drivers (LGV and PCV) have now engaged with the process (having done at least seven hours of training), meaning potentially up to 78,727 drivers based on DSA estimates have not.

DSA data shows that since 2008/09 63,675 professional drivers (PCV and LGV) have completed their inital qualification, which all new drivers past this cut off point have been required to undertake.

The Freight Transport Association recently warned that the Industry may invest in 'redundant' training if Driver CPC is standardised.

Full breakdown of Driver CPC hours (PCV and LGV) as of September 2013:

7 hours 94,207 (August: 97,368)
7.5 to 14 hours 82,086 (August: 86,407)
14.5 to 21 hours 100,640 (August: 108,807)
21.5 to 28 hours 125,526 (August: 121,683)
28.5 to 35 hours 258,312 (August: 220,977)