As many as 97,000 professionals yet to engage with Driver CPC

With next week marking just a year to go until the Driver CPC deadline for truck drivers (10 September 2014), the latest data from the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) shows as many as 97,333 professional drivers (PCV and LGV) are yet to do any training.

The figures, from July the latest available, show a total of 652,667 professional drivers have engaged in the process (meaning they have done at least a day’s training, which is defined as 7 hours, towards the mandatory 35 hours).

DSA, which does not breakdown the figures by licence type, confirmed to it had not altered its long-term forecast that 500,000 to 750,000 professional drivers (both PCV and LGV) will ultimately have to undertake the process.

As of July, 221,044 professional drivers have triggered their Driver Qualification Card. However, this figure excludes all new drivers to the industries since 2008/09 who would have undertaken their Driver CPC inital qualification instead.

Jack Semple, director of policy at the Road Haulage Association, believes while the next 12 months will be a busy time in regards training, the industry will ultimately get the job done.

“I know of [RHA] members who have firm plans in place to ensure that drivers will undertake the training before the deadline,” he said.  “I have heard of some drivers who think it will go away but for operators it is abundantly clear that they need to be compliant.”

Semple added: “I think there is a shifting attitude towards Driver CPC. Before there was negativity around it but now there is a more actively positive attitude towards Driver CPC.”

The dealine for PCV licence holders to have completed their 35 hours of CPC training is 10 September 2013.

The DSA has just just made a call for hauliers to provide its feedback on the current Driver CPC.

More than 240,000 professional drivers have completed Driver CPC

More than 240,000 professional drivers have completed their Driver CPC training and received their Driver Qualification Cards (DQC), according to the latest data from the Driving Standards Agency (DSA).

The total includes both PCV and LGV drivers, but excludes new starters in each of the respective industries since 2008/09, not just those with acquired rights.

The 241,930 DQC issued as of August, represents a 9.4% increase on July’s 221,044 DQC total.

Drivers hours logged (again PCV and LGV) show 121,683 drivers had completed 21.5 to 28 hours of periodic training  (July: 121,680) as of August, with 220,097 having done 28.5 to 35 hours (complete) compared with 201,680 in July.

This is likely to include a bulk of PCV drivers that had until 10 September this month to meet their training deadline.

With 661,820 professional drivers now engaged with the process (having done at least seven hours of periodic training), 88,180 PCV and LGV drivers are yet to do anything towards their required 35-hours of Driver CPC training, with less than a year until the deadline for LGV drivers.

This compares with more than 97,000 professional drivers as of July. The DSA has estimated 500,000 to 750,000 drivers will need to complete the Driver CPC.

Full breakdown of Driver CPC hours (PCV and LGV) as of August 2013:

7 hours 97,368
7.5 to 14 hours 86,407
14.5 to 21 hours 108,807
21.5 to 28 hours 121,683
28.5 to 35 hours 220,977

The Road Haulage Association recently set out its view on the future of the Driver CPC to transport minister Stephen Hammond.