MV Commercial embrace Youtube to show a crane truck

Laurie Dealer enjoys a bit of Youtube, and many dealers are starting to embrace it as a strong selling tool.

Livingston-based MV Commercial has put a crane truck online. It's a Scania R580 8x4 Crane Truck with 85T Palfinger PK85002 Crane.

The link says: "Based on a Scania R580 8x4 tractor unit this crane truck has just been built by us and as you can see in the video it's an awesome piece of kit. This is a heavy duty 85T crane truck built for the most demanding of jobs. Particularly suited to applications where precision control, outreach and heavy loading is required making the most difficult of lifting jobs look easy."

Jobs a good un.


VOSA to stop more vehicles

VOSA will be able to stop more vehicles under new powers coming into force in April that give the agency increasing independence from the police.

Currently, VOSA can only independently stop drivers if they suspect a fault with the vehicle. Under the new powers to stop rules, VOSA roadside enforcement officers will be able to stop a vehicle to check drivers' hours compliance, overloading or paperwork.

In Scotland VOSA will no longer have to attend checks with a police officer presence. VOSA has been able to conduct independent roadworthiness checks in England and Wales for some time but has had to get written consent from the police. Such permission will no longer be required.

"The legal requirements under which VOSA makes a roadside stop will be more straightforward and may save time as officers will not be required to make a roadworthiness check before checking drivers' paperwork," says James Firth, Freight Transport Association head of road freight and enforcement policy.

VOSA says that checks will continue to be targeted using the OCRS (Operator Compliance Risk Score) traffic light system. "We focus on the 'red' ones, the non-compliant," says a VOSA spokesman.

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) supports the changes. "We welcome anything that enables VOSA to take action against serious infringements," says director of policy Jack Semple.

"Many GB trucks are mechanically sound and it is drivers' hours offences that we need to concentrate on."

John Bell, transport manager of Preston-based Huntapac, says his fleet remains in the green region of OCRS. "As long as VOSA carries out these checks in safe stopping places, I've got no problem with them," he says.

In 2009/10, VOSA carried out roadworthiness checks on 173,951 HGVs, including nearly 100,000 from outside the UK. VOSA says its increased powers will make it easier to prevent foreign operators from abusing the new cabotage regime, which came into force in May 2010 and permits three domestic jobs within seven days.

The new rules will be extended to Northern Ireland through the DVA (Driver and Vehicle Agency).