Northern Commercials' Roger Peel gets local business profile

Roger Peel, one time interviewee in Commercial Motor, is the subject of a business feature in the Huddersfield Examiner.

The dealer principal at Iveco-franchise Northern Commercials, Brighouse, charts his rise through the ranks at the Iveco dealership, to the present day's struggles in the current economic climate.

Here is an exert from the article:

Under Roger's leadership, Northern Commercials has achieved annual sales of about £100m and employs 200 people across all its sites. Roger is at the heart of Iveco's relationships with its franchises - sitting on the national panel for the Iveco National Dealer Council. "We are a very well-respected dealership," he says. "We are above Iveco's national average in all sectors."

The Commercial Motor interview from 2008 is here.

Jobs a good 'un.

Cargotec improves Hiab loader crane safety

Cargotec has launched a new stability system for its Hiab loader cranes to ensure that operators comply with new legislation.

The Variable Stability Limit system automatically determines how far the stabiliser legs have been extended to ensure optimum capacity even while operating with just one stabiliser.

Cargotec claim the system allows operators to use higher capacities in previously restricted areas, and have added a number of additional safety features to meet Machinery Directive (2006/42EC) and loader crane standard EN 12999:2009. These include stabiliser warning lights at the top of each leg, visual confirmation cues and swivelling footplates to adjust to uneven ground.