O-licence centralisation hits next phase

The transfer of goods operator licensing application processing from the South-Eastern and Metropolitan, <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 />West Midlands, Welsh and Eastern Traffic Areas to the central licensing unit is to take place this week.

The address for the processing of operator licensing for all Traffic Areas is now: VOSA Licensing Application Services, Hillcrest House, 386 Harehills Lane, Leeds LS9 6NF.

Decisions on licences in all Traffic Areas will continue to be made in local offices.

Post for the public inquiry and regional intelligence units, and personal post for the Traffic Commissioners, should continue to be sent to local offices.

Traffic Area boundaries will remain unchanged and public inquiries will continue to be held in the area of each Traffic Commissioner.


MAN withdraws hostile takeover bid for Scania

German truck giant MAN has ended a lengthy takeover battle with Swedish truck manufacturer Scania by withdrawing its €10.2bn (£6.7bn) takeover bid.

MAN says that talks will be ongoing with Scania and its shareholders to try to exploit possible synergies between the companies. Scania has welcomed MAN’s move and states that it is open for discussion as long as it is built on industrial and commercial logic.

The hostile bid, set to run out on 31 January, was rejected by Scania and its two main shareholders Investor and Volkswagen. Volkswagen, also a major shareholder in MAN, is looking to combine with the truck manufacturers in a three-way merger to strengthen its Brazil-based South American truck business.

MAN is currently seeking approval of the Swedish Securities Council to withdraw the offer as it is clear the conditions set out in the offer will not be met by 31 January.