O-licence revoked for maintenance failures

Western traffic commissioner (TC) Sarah Bell has revoked the O-licence of Southampton-based boat transport specialist Boatloads International, following a Vosa investigation into maintenance standards at the business.

After a May public inquiry in Bristol, the TC also said the firm, authorised to run one vehicle, didn’t meet financial standing requirements. A Vosa examiner visited the firm’s base in West Quay Road in May 2012 after a roadside encounter in March that year, when the tread on one of the trailer’s wheels was found to be worn beyond the legal limit - a significant failure in maintenance standards, according to Vosa.

At the inspection, a Vosa examiner identified issues with the firm’s compliance procedures.
He found paperwork was missing for routine safety inspections, and two of those inspections had been carried out late. There were also concerns about visual checks carried out by drivers on the vehicle and trailer. The Vosa examiner said the business didn’t have sufficient evidence to show it had taken action to repair defects picked up by employees.

TC Bell issued a formal warning to transport manager John Slater, saying his standards had fallen below the required level of competence. He agreed to attend a two-day refresher course by 30 July, which means he can still work as a transport manager in the future.