Operator licensing - new forms for application/ variations, by Tim Ridyard, Woodfines Solicitors LLP

Further to the blog with regard to the letter being sent to all operators it should be noted that all application forms for grants or variations of any kind have now been very substantially re-drafted in layout, content and the information requested from applicants. Whilst ironing out some gremlins in previous versions they will need to be drafted with great care and attention to detail - information required about nominated transport managers is detailed. Comprehensive declarations need to be signed by both operators and transport managers.

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'Important changes to Operator Licensing', by Tim Ridyard, Solicitor, Woodfines

A more detailed note will follow but operators will already have received or be receiving a letter from the Central Licensing Office in Leeds requiring completion of a Transport Manager Questionaire by both nominated the Transport Manager and the Operator.Guidance notes accompany this letter and it is vital both TMs and operators take this seriously by reading the notes in full before signing the declarations and providing accurate information. This all relates to EC Regulation 1071/2009 in force 4 December 2011. The documentation must be returned by 17 October and the information request must not be ignored.

Tim Ridyard, Woodfines Solicitors LLP, [email protected] 01223 411421