How the Japanese earthquake/tsunami will affect business in UK...

Laurie Dealer apologises for going off topic but there are times when it has to be done...

...Laurie Dealer certainly can't offer any insight on the horrific situation facing the Japanese following the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown other than offer sympathy and part with some coins to those collecting.

As Toyota continues its shut down, news that Justin 'Who he?' Bieber and U2, lets face it Bono isn't shy to get involved with charity work, are among artists who have agreed to contribute songs to an album to raise funds for victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, pleases Laurie Dealer.

However, every yin has a yang, and this comes in the form of Richard 'You couldn't make it up' Littlejohn. Words fail Laurie Dealer...


Ceva Logistics truckers jailed over £10,000 theft

Ceva Logistics has sharpened its security after two of its lorry drivers were jailed for a £10,000 theft.

HGV drivers Christopher Price, 62, and 64-year-old Barry Hind, who both worked for Ceva Logistics in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, have been sent to prison after they stole cargo they were delivering to Tesco sites in Norwich and Lowestoft.

The truckers were caught loading Tesco goods from a Ceva lorry into their own vehicles in a lay-by on the A47 at Wisbech on 5 August 2010.

Among the £10,000 stolen haul were 216 packets of Jaffa Cakes, six cases of wine, and Sportex clothes items. Goods had also been stolen on separate other occasions, the offenders confirmed.

The offenders claimed they originally planned the thefts for fear they were going to be made redundant, but Price said he carried on because "it almost became addictive".

Speaking at Cambridge Crown Court, Judge Anthony Bale said the duo were a disgrace to their colleagues in the lorry driving profession.

Meanwhile, a spokeswoman for Ceva, says: "Ceva co-operated fully with the police investigation. Since then, Ceva has further improved the security of its operation at the site in a number of ways, including increased trailer security and more accurate stock takes."

Hind, of Wisbech St Mary, was jailed for three months, and Price, of March, was sentenced to four months in prison.

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