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CNHTC Goes to Hong Kong

It looks like Volvo's relationship with CNHTC is now in its final days.CNHTC, China's third largest truck OEM is to vest its entire 63.78 pct holding in CNHTC Jinan Truck Appliance Co Ltd - the Volvo JV vehicle - and other assets into another company -CNHTC Hong Kong.According to a statement filed to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange by CNHTC Jinan, these assets will first be injected into CNHTC BVI, a British Virgin Islands vehicle, and then transferred into CNHTC Hong Kong.

Boelstler Fined for Fuso Fiasco.

This sounds a bit harsh.Harold Boelstler - the rather amiable boss of Mitsubishi-Fuso - has been fined 10 per cent of his monthly salary as a result of a delayed MF Recall. Some other chap has been taken for 30 per cent.It's too easy to take a cheap shot here, so instead, we'd just advise HB to mutter 'Chrysler' and take the rest of the day off.

GAZ and the DCi11 Engine

More on GAZ and the Renault DCi11 engine here.It's started testing the thing along with some Bosch engineers, who may just be mindful as to where their bread is buttered.

Freightliner News

And thus to some DaimlerChrysler truck news.This press release describes the re-organization of the DaimlerChrysler Truck Financial business, which includes, significantly, the development of a small business - ie fleet size of eleven vehicles and less - unit.

Fiat to Split from Nanjing Automotive?

Interesting news here of a bit of a spat that appears to have broken out between Fiat and Nanjing Automotive.If we've got this right, then Fiat is about to hand in its shares in the Joint Venture it has with Nanjing, and Chery is sniffing around with a view to taking them over.SAIC has a 20 per cent piece of Chery, and is in the vanguard of Fiat's p

Where is?

Andy Wold.He was PACCAR's (PCAR's) Treasurer.And now he isn't.Odd.Very odd.

Some US vs EU Truck Market Analysis.

Predicting the likely direction of the US truck market during 2007 - as it collides head on with the new EPA 07 emissions protocol - is easy. It's going down.

GAZ Delivers First 500 Gazelle Minibuses to Iran

News here that the first batch of 28,000 Gazelle minibuses - 500 in all - have been delivered to Iran Khodro Diesel by GAZ.The Euro 2-compliant vehicles are part of a 28,000 vehicle, $250 million deal struck between GAZ and IKD last October. Initial deliveries consist of CBU units, but discussions are underway to facilitate the building