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It's always nice to be in good company, and with the New York Times now entering the fray, we feel justifiably smug. And tickled witless by the notion that a newspaper in which Harbinger Capital Partners has a large stake should see fit to take a swipe at a truck manufacturer in which HCP is similarly involved. Smacks to us of nice things like editorial freedom and media honesty. Ten days late, but we welcome the NY Times to our little group.

Navistar: That Amicus Curiae Motion in Full

We'd heard rumblings of some Amicus Curiae action in support of the EPA, and, as a matter of public service, and with no opinion of our own either offered or implied, here it is.Navistar v. EPA - AC Motion.pdfInteresting set of names attached, but no Paccar. Ho hum.

Thoughts on the Credit Suisse Global Truck Survey

Some interesting stuff here.Albeit from a very small sample size (30 dealers of which 60 per cent are NA-based, 40 per cent EU) the survey suggests that inventory remains a significant problem both in terms of new and used: in the US, 41 per cent of the respondents regard new stock numbers as inflated and 59 per cent are carrying too much by way of new inventory. We'd have thought that the NA market would have solved its new inventory issues by now, but the European numbers (58 per cent of dealerships are overstocked) don't come as a surprise.

Navistar: We're Done Here.

Time we wrapped this one up and got on with our lives, and so we will move onto other things leaving only three questions that, we feel, deserve an answer in the pursuit of an honest, open and transparent debate.

Cummins Says No to SCR. Until 2014. In Australia.

Cummins will not introduce its SCR variants of ISM, ISX and Signature to Australia and New Zealand until 2014, according to reports in the Australian media. In order to comply with ADR80/03, the company will retain its EPA 07-type EGR DPF approach.Before you kick off, Shine, a couple of points to bear in mind. 1) Australia is NOT North America. 2) ADR80/03 is the equivalent of Euro V or EPA 07. Not EPA 10. For reference, a table may be found here.