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Indian MCV Market Gets Squeezed

Confirmation here of our previous view of the Indian CV market.Whilst the sub 3.5 tonne and the heavy sectors are both booming, it looks like the MCV sector is crapping right out.

Isuzu: Profits Up, Outlook Down

Some Isuzu news.Things are rather good at the moment. Last year, profits were well up - by 56.7 per cent to ¥92.39 billion ($769 / €565.98 / £387.5 million) - on sales of 372,000 units. Good stuff.But next year looks less than healthy. Isuzu is predicting a 24 per cent decline in domestic Japanese sales, and a slight bump of around four per cent in export business. Either way, it's expecting to take a bath.In other news, we hear the N-Series is not long for this world.

ZF: Good Kama.

More KaMAZ news - this time pertaining to its JV with ZF.Which is getting something of a boost as the result of KaMAZ's decision to adopt ZF transmissions across its entire vehicle range. As a result, the The Tartastan-based ZF Kama JV plant will be expanded from 60 to 700 employees over the next three years.Around 25 per cent of the transmission parts will come from local companies in Tartastan, but components will also be sourced from ZF plants in Bouthéon, France and Eger, Hungary.ZF Kama was formed in 2005 and started producing transmissions in January 2006.

More on Russia and Iran

We've been banging on about the growing ties between the Russian and Iranian truck industries for a while now.And here's confirmation of our outpourings, with the announcement that pilot production of an Iranian-built KaMAZ has now begun. The scion of a $300 million JV formed by Iran's Rakhsh Khodro Diesel (55 per cent) and Russia's KaMAZ (45 per cent), the new line will be inaugurated in Tabriz on May 31st.

Wal-Mart and Hybrids

News here of a fairly notable event.Wal-Mart has just taken delivery of its first Class 8 Hybrid tractor unit. Unlike just about everything else to do with the US retailing giant, it ain't made in China - it's a Peterbilt 386 with Eaton guts.Now then. Class 8 hybrids. Discuss.Andreas Renschler doesn't rate the idea.

More Job Cuts at Freightliner

1,528 jobs more jobs are to be cut at Freightliner's Rowan County facility, according to this report.Put simply, if things don't pick up by June 10th, then the lay-offs begin in July. 1,180 workers have already been sent home; adding 1528 to the total means that almost 70 per cent of the 4000 staff will have been laid off.

More Paccar Insider Intrigue

Time for another look at Paccar's Insider Dealing report.And, once again, there seems to be evidence that as soon as those options come in, the recipients are getting shot straight away. And, intriguingly, despite the fact that some analysts have set a target price of $91, those same recipients are off-loading in the mid $80's.What have they heard?

Fuso and Fiat

Interesting piece here in Forbes Magazine suggesting that Fuso might be about to get out of the small engine business.Is this an opportunity for Fiat Powertrain Technologies we ask ourselves? We have good reason to believe that it might be.

Daimler: Ourselves Alone.

It's not like we don't have other things we need to be doing at the moment - a whole lot of rewriting to ensure that the C-word is now excised from anything to do with Daimler in work due to be submitted this week - but, on balance, it's probably time to draw breath and take a look at the post apocalypse landscape that is Daimler AG.

GM Mulls MD Sale to Navistar

Back to blogging after a week spent earning money. We'll get around to DC and Cerberus - which seems like a pretty good deal if you're not the UAW - and the coming to earth of PACCAR's Project Jupiter - as well as some interesting insider dealing news from the Bellevue mob - in a while.But for the meantime, have a look at this - GM looks set to sell its Medium Duty business to - of all people - Navistar. Whither the relationship with Ford now, one asks?