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Volvo Begins US SCR Trials – But What of SCR and the US?

VTNA has announced that it has delivered its first SCR-equipped EPA 10 compliant trucks for operator / field-testing. Five VN models have been delivered to Talon Logistics, which will now field test the SCR technology that common in Europe. To date, the emission requirements in North America were met by applying EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) technology and particle filters. The trucks now being delivered are also equipped with SCR.

Navistar's Spiral of Despair: Some background.

Tomorrow is one of the biggest day's in Navistar's history - not our words, but CNBC's. The World Truck Blog has been on this case for close on five years now, and so the following  may be of interest. It's a chronology that we put together back in 2010 and is meant to replace the many posts that we put together over the period which have been mislaid.

Navistar's Spiral of Despair: D Day

The Court has decided, and it isn't good.$file/12-1077-1378167.pdf

Class 8 Cancellations at Two Year High

More evidence here that the Class 8 market is slowing fast. And, from what we hear, build slots for H2 standat over 50 percent of capacity at present, meaning more clouds on the horizon.

SEC Investigating PACCAR Financials

From FlyOnTheWall: SEC initiates formal investigation into Paccar's financials from 2008-2011The company received notice on April 24 that the SEC had initiated a formal investigation relating to the company’s financial reporting from 2008 to 2011. The SEC has requested information concerning the company’s loan loss reserves, troubled debt restructuring and segment reporting. The company is cooperating fully with the SEC’s investigation

Daimler Denies Car - Truck Business Split. Again.

It must be getting close to IAA, for Daimler has, once again, been forced to deny plans to hive off truck and car. Old news, you might argue, but, this time, the drums do sem to be beating just a a little bit louder. Belwo the piece penned by Christoph Rauwald, which should have stirred things up a bit in Stuttgart.

Piech Gets Scania Board Seat

Gunnar Larsson has notified the nomination committee of Scania that he is no longer available for re-election to the Board due to other duties. The nomination committee of Scania proposes the election of Prof. Dr. Ferdinand K. Piech as member of the Board of Scania at the Annual General Meeting of Scania which is held on Friday 4 May 2012. Prof. Dr.Piech is Chairman of the Supervisory Boards of Volkswagen AG and MAN SE. He was Chairman of the Board of Scania between 2000 and 2002 and member of the Board of Scania between 2002 and 2003.