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The Chinese in Texas

Interesting piece in Automotive News concerning the goings-on at Dallas-based JM Family Enterprises LLC, and its Tiger Truck brand.It has been importing, modifying and selling pickups from China's Changan Automobile Co - a good friend of Ford, coincidentally - for eight years. Last year JM sold about 800 vehicles.Now Tiger Truck is off to Jasper, TX.

Mitsubishi-Fuso Invests in Japanese Service Network, Staffing Levels

The Japanese end of Mitsubishi Fuso is to start servicing trucks in the evenings and at weekends and will add mobile service vehicles, in a bid to gain more customers.The company - of which DaimlerChrysler own 85 per cent - will also increase the number of service staff holding the highest available technical certification by 70 per cent.Mitsubishi-Fuso's well-documented quality problems recently led to two executives - including CEO Harold Boelstler - being fined a percentage of t

Iveco and Cummins Collaborate: HD CNG Mixer - Report

Here's a tale of an Iveco-Cummins CNG concrete mixer fleet in operational trials in Australia.It's interesting on a couple of levels: a Cummins engines as a line fit option, and the quotation from the Australian Greenhouse Office report which indicates CNG engines offer carbon dioxide emission reductions of up to 40 per cent compared with low sulphur diesel engines.But of most note is the fact that Ive

Second US Plant for Hino

Here's some news that will no doubt cheer our friends at PCAR - or even PACCAR - ahead of its earnings announcement on April 24th.It seems that Hino is getting very serious about the US medium duty market; so serious in fact that it's planning to add a second U.S. factory for medium-duty trucks after a 39 per cent rise in annual U.S. sales.

AMW Aims for 90 Per Cent of the 49 Tonne Market

Interesting interview here with Anirudh Bhuwalka, the man behind Asia Motorworks - AMW - in India.Bhuwalka has just announced the launch of Asia MotorWorks' (AMW's) 25-49 tonne range on Indian roads, and, despite the fact that he's going up against some rather stiff competition - Volvo, DC, Tata et al - he ain't scared.Not least because he seems to have worked a bit of a flanker as far as tax concessions from the Gujarat government for locating the AMW plant in Bhuj.AMW has already put 900 assembled trucks on the road and hopes

It's Still DCX

And so Daimler does want to retain a stake in Chrysler.Hmm. Smoke and Mirrors anyone?

KamAZ in Pakistan Part 3

More on KamAZ and Pakistan in this article, which reports that future flat-out capacity will see production of 4000 units per year from the new JV.Trade. Emerging Markets. Go Figure.

Hyundai to Bring New Van to Europe

Europe looks to be getting a new Hyundai van.Take a look here for the details of the new H1 model - destined for both the EU and Asia. Given HMC's success in the US - driven primarily through offering an almost bomb proof warranty on its passenger car range - you'd be foolish not to take the Korean OEM very seriously indeed in the LCV sector.

More Grief for Gardell.

We're beginning to feel a bit sorry for Christer Gardell.In truth, that's probably an exaggeration, but even so. No sooner has he been told that he's not wanted on (the AB Volvo) board - despite having around 10 per cent of the vote - he's being given the Bronx Cheer by Volvo AB Chairman Finn Johnsson.