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Scania's 2006 Report. Hino for Europe?

We've finally got through Scania's 2006 report - published yesterday - and our first observation is that as literature goes, we've not had quite such a ball-aching experience since we had to read Middlemarch in an awful hurry some years ago. We've eschewed Eliot from that day on.However, contained within the verbiage is one very interesting assertion, made by His Royal Leifness himself. It doesn't concern the MAN takeover bid - but we'll print his views on that anyway.

AB Volvo Toys with Gardell and Shareholder Hormones

Confirmation here that there is no place for Christer Gardell on the AB Volvo Board, elections to which have just been approved at the AGM. Does this mean that CG and the Cevian Capital Caravan will go and find somewhere else to park, leaving a five per cent piece of AB Volvo in the window?We're also intrigued by the warm up act at the AGM.

Schneider Heads to China

Schneider, the US trucking Giant is to establish an operation in China, according to DC Velocity. From where - and from whom - we wonder - will it be sourcing its vehicles. And at what price?In the same issue, there's also an interesting piece on the growth of Collaborative Logistics in the US. Note the Paccar comments

Hyundai Mulls US Pick Up, Establishes CV Finance Business

Two interesting developments at Hyundai.On the one hand, it's mulling the development of a pick-up truck for the US market. But, of more interest is the news that it is to establish a $107 million (€87.55 / £59.23 million) Commercial Vehicle leasing and finance unit.Does a giant awake?

GAZ Reports 2006 Revenue, Production

More on Russia.We've already reported on Kamaz's great leap forward, both in terms of its profits, global ambition and - arguably more significantly - its leasing business.Now it is the turn of GAZ

Malaysia Embraces the LDV Maxus

LDV seems to be winning a whole load of new fans, many of them not employed by British municipal authorities.Here is the latest piece of positive news for the British van OEM - now owned by Russian leviathan GAZ and managed by Martin Leach.The Malaysians love the things.

Japanese OEMs Vie for a Passage to India

There's an interesting piece in Cargonews Asia today that details the efforts being made by the Japanese OEMs to stake out a piece of the Indian auto business, in particular, the huge investments being made to ensure quick turnaround vehicle shipping terminals.

Australian Truck Market Falls in Q1

According to this report which quotes VFACTS, the Australian truck market dipped by 1.06 per cent to 7351 units in the first quarter of 2007, despite the fact that the combined - cars, trucks and the rest of them - vehicle business rose by 8.7 per cent to a record 237,000 units.Isuzu maintained a marginal lead in the truck market, retaining its slight lead over Japanese rivals Hino and Mitsubishi Fuso in a mixed round of vehicle sales.Isuzu leads the Light Duty market with a 22.1 per cent share, a modest imp