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Malaysia Embraces the LDV Maxus

LDV seems to be winning a whole load of new fans, many of them not employed by British municipal authorities.Here is the latest piece of positive news for the British van OEM - now owned by Russian leviathan GAZ and managed by Martin Leach.The Malaysians love the things.

Japanese OEMs Vie for a Passage to India

There's an interesting piece in Cargonews Asia today that details the efforts being made by the Japanese OEMs to stake out a piece of the Indian auto business, in particular, the huge investments being made to ensure quick turnaround vehicle shipping terminals.

Australian Truck Market Falls in Q1

According to this report which quotes VFACTS, the Australian truck market dipped by 1.06 per cent to 7351 units in the first quarter of 2007, despite the fact that the combined - cars, trucks and the rest of them - vehicle business rose by 8.7 per cent to a record 237,000 units.Isuzu maintained a marginal lead in the truck market, retaining its slight lead over Japanese rivals Hino and Mitsubishi Fuso in a mixed round of vehicle sales.Isuzu leads the Light Duty market with a 22.1 per cent share, a modest imp

More Sino-Russian Auto Trade

More Sino-Russian malarkey here, and the report that Incom-Auto is to start marketing Jianling Motor's - Ford's BF in China - Carry range of light trucks in Russia from this May.

EPA 10 Evaporates as Supreme Court Equivocates

Today - Monday - the US Supreme Court found itself confronted by the environment, and more pertinently, the issue of Massachusetts vs. EPA. Although the nine justices were asked to consider two questions, in reality, they considered three. Which sounds like a pretty good deal, until you read the answers.

Freightliner: 50 Per Cent Mexican Production by 2012 - Report

Rolf Lockwood, doyen of all things to do with the Canadian trucking industry and Editorial Director of Today's Trucking magazine always has an interesting take on things.Here he publishes an interview with Freightliner CEO Chris Patterson, which elicits - amongst other interesting facts - the news that Freightliner's new Mexican plant is no small deal: "By 2012, (Freightliner) could conce

More Strike Woes for Freightliner

Whilst Freightliner staff at the Gastonia plant agreed a new contract earlier this week, labour relations the Rowan County plant are a touch more frosty.In fact, the staff have walked out.

FAW Opts for Enova Hybrid System

Enova Systems a US manufacturer of proprietary electric, hybrid and fuel cell digital power management systems has just published its 2006 report, which can be seen here.Of some interest is the news that FAW has indicated that it intends to purchase Enova's pre transmission hybrid system for its bus applications.

M-B: Diesel to Fuel 10 Per cent US Car Fleet by 2010

News here that Mercedes-Benz expects passenger car diesel adoption rates to stand at 10 per cent by 2010.Very good, but the US diesel supply infrastructure might just creak a bit at the seams. The last figure we heard from oil industry contacts was a diesel supply network running at 98 per cent of its capacity.What happens if PC and LD diesel demand soars from its existing three per cent?