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Paccar: The MX Conundrum

We know what this is. It's a Paccar MX engine, soon to be manufactured in Paccar's new engine facility in the Southern US, and on display at the Mid America show.What we don't know is how many - if any - of the same US built MX's will find their way back to Europe.

Paccar: Everything is Tip Top.

Remember that Joe McAleese, who regards 2007 as being a year that the business will want to forget?According to Bob Christensen, Kenworth general manager and PACCAR vice president, he's talking through his hat. "The economy is sound, and freight is at near record levels," he tells a bemused press conference. Then, just for good measure, Bill Jackson, GM at Peterbilt and VP Paccar - otherwise known as Christensen's twin - confirms this view.

Someone Buys and Someone Sells a Bit of Scania

So who has taken this stake in Scania?We don't know, but if someone's just brought 1.1 per cent of the company, then, by extension, someone has just sold 1.1 per cent of the company. Interesting times.

Freightliner: Market to Boom in 2008.

Here's news from Freightliner CEO Chris Patterson, who posits that the market will boom in 2008, exceeding that of 2006.Which market? Surely he is not talking about the post-nuclear holocaust landscape that is the US - it is on its knees, the economy is soon to be acquainting itself with depths previously unplumbed, and everything is very far from nice.A booming truck market? Presumably he refers to the major market that is St Helena. Or the Aleutians. But not, we fear, the United States.

Kamaz Delays IPO by a Year

We reported - some time ago - on Kamaz's intentions to float on the London exchange in 2008.Now here's news that it's postponed the move by at least a year, and we wonder why. Does Kamaz have pockets deep enough to push forward without an IPO windfall, or is it worried that the issue might not attract much by way of excitement in a market aware of troubled times for truck makers.Or is it talking to someone else?

New Stralis, Iveco to Sell vans in the US

We've had confirmation from Iveco that the Italian OEM is in advanced discussions with a US-based partner with a view to launching the Daily van range in NAFTA. More anon, no doubt - we reckon Navistar - but here's a somewhat sideways pic of the new Stralis - launched, as we predicted a while back - as a Euro 5 only product in many European markets.