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M-B: Diesel to Fuel 10 Per cent US Car Fleet by 2010

News here that Mercedes-Benz expects passenger car diesel adoption rates to stand at 10 per cent by 2010.Very good, but the US diesel supply infrastructure might just creak a bit at the seams. The last figure we heard from oil industry contacts was a diesel supply network running at 98 per cent of its capacity.What happens if PC and LD diesel demand soars from its existing three per cent?

Iran: 250,000 Car Exports by 2011.

We've commented upon - and been accused of acting as a cheerleader for - the Iranian auto industry in the past. It's a fast growing business.Evidenced by the report here. It concerns car exports, but is of equal interest to the truck business. In sum, Iran doubled its car exports last year to 38,000 units, and wants to hike this figure to 250,000 units, going to 40 countries, by 2011.Significantly, Iranian OEMs have just establisehd a beach-head in China.

Nedcar Courts Asian Truck OEMs?

There is a piece here in the Dutch press that tells of the Nedcar management's travel plans.They're off to Asia, so the article tells us, and are speaking to two or three different interested parties - including Tata and FAW - of whom it is mentioned that trucks feature largely in their output.Make of this what you will.

Tata's March Sales

News here of Tata's March sales, and also some year-to-date numbers: the Indian market calculates on an April to April basis, so these represent eleven months of 2006-2007.Tata's domestic sales of Commercial Vehicles (CV) in March were up 13 per cent at 30,720 vehicles as against 27,289 vehicles in March last year. Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicles (M&HCV) sales stood at 17,673 units, up eight per cent over March last year.

GAZ in 400 Bus Deal

We don't know much about buses.But GAZ does - it's just sold 400 of the things to Nizhegorodpassengerautotrans in a RUB1.075 billion ($41.1 / €3.1 / £2.1 million) deal

Kamaz Profits Up by 440 Per Cent in 2006

Kamaz has announced a 440 per cent rise in profits for FY2006, and aims to boost its sales by nearly 20 per cent during 2007. The company is planning an IPO in 2008.Net profit rose to RUB721.2 million ($27.7 / €20.77 / £14.04 million) according to accounts calculated to the Russian Accounting Standard.

Japanese Trucks Sales Remain Flat.

Or worse in fact.Here are the March figures from the Japan Automobile Dealers' Association, which show that Truck sales declined 13.8 per cent to 64,001 vehicles year-on-year. By brand, Volvo-owned Nissan Diesel Motor posted the biggest percentage fall in the month with a drop of 29.3 per cent.

Ford: No Better

How much worse can it get for Ford? Last year, it managed to lose $400 per second - a stellar achievement even by Detroit standards.Now there's news that there are new depths to plumb: Ford US sales fell nearly 14 per cent in February, with - very worryingly for the Blue Oval - sales of its F-Series down more than 12 per cent.