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Navistar's Spiral of Despair: Jim Hebe

is rumored to have chosen NOT to renew his contract with Navistar. No confirmation or otherwise from Navistar, and we're merely reporting a rumor here, but ...........

What We Learned from PACCAR

1) DAF to be pushed into the Emerging Markets, with Brazil being the highest priority, where it will explore localization opportunities - important as tariffs get nasty at below 60 percent local content.2) It may look for a Chinese partner, but high prices are a market restraint.3) Parts and Aftermarket present a big opportunity. Err .... go figure.4) Financial Services to be grown further, with PAC-Lease rolled out across all of Europe.5) Seems to be mulling a PACCAR Branded transmission - presumably a white labeled ZF Unit.

CNH and AGCO - report

Reuters is reporting apparent renewed interest in CNH on the part of AGCO.Fiat Industrials floats on 3.1.2011. How long it stays together remains to be seen.

Bharat Benz?

Is rumoured to be the name of Daimler's CV brand for India, due for launch in 2012.With LD product based on a MD Fuso platform, and with HD based on Axor, Bharat Benz looks to be an intriguing prospect. And using the Benz word would be a very shrewd move.