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New Stralis, Iveco to Sell vans in the US

We've had confirmation from Iveco that the Italian OEM is in advanced discussions with a US-based partner with a view to launching the Daily van range in NAFTA. More anon, no doubt - we reckon Navistar - but here's a somewhat sideways pic of the new Stralis - launched, as we predicted a while back - as a Euro 5 only product in many European markets.

Scania,VW,MAN and Kebabs.

Show me a truck industry merger - effected over the past three decades - that has worked.Iveco: proves that you can add five things together and create an aggregated value of approximately 20 per cent of the whole. Top stuff. Gestalt accountancy.DCAG and Fuso: another purler - a bravura performance consisting of oodles of due diligence incompetence, Fisher-Price management and a mission statement based around the notion of losing money. Superb.Volvo and Renault: an absolute corker.

Where Next for the Global Truck Business?

"Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem," asserted William of Ockham a few years ago. For those lacking in a classical education - or for whom Latin described the void between Economics and English Lit in the school timetable, this translates - so we are led to believe - to a view that: "Entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity." In other words, should it walk like a duck, and quack like a duck, do not bet the farm on it being The Bishop of Bath and Wells. AKA the simplest explanation tends to be the most appropriate one.

Navistar,Ford and the Illinois Judiciary.

Now the judiciary has got involved in the Ford-Navistar dispute.Earlier today, Oakland County, Illinois Circuit Judge John McDonald granted Ford's motion for a TRO requiring Navistar to resume producing and shipping diesel engines to the truck plant in Louisville. However, the same judge also ordered Ford to pay Navistar for all engines received.Suggesting that there's a bit more life in this dispute yet.

Ford - Navistar Dispute Deepens.

The Ford-Navistar Power Stroke engine dispute is getting yet more unpleasant.News here suggests that it will begin idling the Louisville, Kentucky plant where the F Series truck is made. And, just for good measure, in a SEC filing yesterday, Ford's North American restructuring costs have increased by $1.2 billion to $11.2 billion.Still, it's only money.

GAZ, MAZ and Engines

News from Belarus - honestly - about the Minsk Auto Works - and the decision by MAZ to opt for a GAZ-produced Euro 3 version of Renault's DCi11 engine.So what, you might well say, but not only does this upset Deutz, MB and MAN - all of whom already supply Euro 3 engines to MAZ - it also points to an intriguing development c.2010, the year in which MAZ will - or so it claims - produce a Euro 5 truck.

More Woes for the US Auto Biz.

This piece in the Detroit News catches the eye.It looks like the US automakers are facing a big bill - $100 billion or so over seven years - in order to fall into line with the Bush administration's decision to improve US vehicle fuel efficiency. Detroit hasn't been a very happy place for some time. Looks like it just got a lot more miserable.

Cummins: China Good, Tata History

Here's some happy news for Cummins. For the third year in succession, it has seen turnover in its Chinese business top $1 billion. According to the report, the US engine builder now makes 50 per cent of its money away from its domestic market - probably a good thing given the current state of the NAFTA Truck business - with India and Russia coming second and third to China in terms of value.How does Cummins celebrate?

Marchionne Gets Mysterious

Sergio Marchionne is reported to have said that "The year 2007 will be the year of Fiat's heavy machinery unit CNH Global NV."What does he mean? And why are there no reports of a mention of Iveco at Wednesday's Fiat presentation in London?Is there a plot, and, if so, how thick is it?

China. Not Good.

And so it begins.Sitting here, I'm watching reports of stock markets hemorrhaging value just about everywhere. The reason is China, and, at the risk of sounding smug, we'll just say:Told you so.