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Fiat.Chrysler. No.

If you hadn’t already worked it out for yourselves, here’s news that Fiat has no interest in Chrysler. And thus we find ourselves in complete agreement with Sergio Marchionne. Excellent news - now the Italian OEM can get on with the business of buying MAN, hook up with Navistar, and, with luck, we can all leave for home before the traffic gets nasty.

Hino's Latest Lightweight. Europe-bound?

News here of the new Hino Ranger, launched today in Japan as a result of a change in driver licensing, which allows holders of a medium level permit to drive vehicles up to 11 tonnes GVW.Just a thought, but would not a 7.5 tonne – ish product sit rather nicely on Scania’s European forecourts?

As the Housing Market Stumbles, What Happens to Truck Demand?

US journalist Herbert Agar once argued that: “The truth that makes men free is for the most part the truth which men prefer not to hear.”This seems rather appropriate, given the news that, on both sides of the Atlantic, the housing market is beginning to look a bit poorly.

More Chrysler.

The Chrysler tale gets yet more bizarre. Last week, Dr. Z announced plans to cure the patient. This – to our simple way of thinking – indicates that there may be a solution to Chrysler’s ills.

Europe: Where's the Downturn?

January 1st 2007 was meant to be the day in which it all went wrong in Europe – at least as far as truck sales were concerned.But it seems that reports of the death of EU truck sales have been somewhat overstated. January’s figures are filtering through, and, in Germany, VDA figures point to an eight per cent increase in sales of vehicles over six tones, with 7,400 vehicles sold during the month.EU newcomer Bulgaria is also seeing robust sales, despite predictions that accession and the subsequent adoption of Euro 4 would precipitate a marked decline.

More Scania-MAN-VW Nonsense.

This report suggests that VW is looking to establish a head office in the Netherlands, should the mooted and – in our admittedly jaundiced opinion – utterly derisible attempt at forming a three way alliance from MAN, Scania and VW’s heavy truck operation.

More Sanctions Sabre-Shaking from Bush.

The Bush administration is stepping up its efforts to isolate the Ahmadinejad regime in Iran. Adding fuel to the long-running hostilities between Washington and Tehran, this week a US House of Representatives panel approved a bill to expand sanctions against US companies and non-US oil and gas companies that invest in Iran.

The Great Chrysler Conspiracy. Part 17.

Another thought on the Chrysler business.This is a master class in PR and spin. The first mention of a Chrysler divestment came around four months ago, when DC released its Q3/06 results. We return to our views as blogged then.Here is an analogy. If you surrender to an anaesthetic in the honest-held belief that your arm is going to be amputated, and then awake to find that you’re only missing a finger, then how good are you going to feel?

DaimlerChrysler and Iran.

Here is an interesting little snippet of news from the ISNA agency in Tehran, which suggests that, far from exiting the Islamic Republic, DC is staying firm in the Iranian CV business, and is looking to develop a new truck product with its Iranian partner, Iran Khodro Diesel.With all the loose talk concerning and end to the Chrysler relationship – which, after all, is the primary reason the company has a NYSE listing and is therefore concerned about doing business with countries that upset GW Bush – does this point to