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Navistar's Spiral of Despair: Litigation Redux

The passage of time can be measured in four different ways. Rotational time is based on the unit of the mean solar day (the average length of time it takes the Earth to complete one rotation on its axis). Dynamic time uses the motion of the moon and planets to determine time and avoids the problem of the Earth's varying rotation, whilst Atomic time is based on the extremely regular oscillations that occur within atoms.

Changes at Tata

According to this from the Economic Times, there's been a management reshuffle at Tata. And the relationship with Fiat? Presumably next on the agenda.


What are we to make of this? Cold feet, grumpy dealers or what ........

Daimler Looking to Increase KamAZ Stake

Hmm. Daimler is reported to be mulling a stake increase in KamAZ. But this report does notmention Russian Technologies, which might have a view on such a move......