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Dr Z and the FT

We read the following in the FT over the weekend, and repeat it here word for word.An interview with Dieter Zetsche focuses on the post Chrysler landscape for Daimler, and there are a couple of interesting observations made about the truck business.Here we go:(FT) What about the truck business?(DZ) Everybody knows that we are very well represented in the key markets. We have made significant progress in Europe and to an almost similar extent in the US as far as our efficiencies are concerned.

Another Fuso Recall

We were just thinking that it seems to have been a while since the last Mitsubishi Fuso recall.Not to worry - here's news - care of Marketwatch - that 5,023 Super Great models are to be called in so that a defective engine mounting can be rectified.

MAN, Freightliner Settle at £250 Million

MAN and Freightliner have settled their spat over the naughtiness at ERF.Freightliner will pay £250 million ($496 / €369 million) to MAN AG in settlement. MAN had originally claimed £300 million, but this settlement means that not only will both sides avoid serious litigation costs - or more serious litigation costs.

Ashok Attacks Used Vehicle Market

Ashok Leyland is to establish a wholly-owned Used Vehicle sales operation in India. Called ALTRUX, the new operation will purchase and recondition used Ashok Leyland vehicles, which will then be marketed with a six-month warranty.

More from Renton

More from Aressa:"Well, I obviously was confused, and I apologize for not making any clear arguments (and for misinterpreting the timestamps, etc).I just got a little defensive. What I read into your post is that you implied that the employees are slacking off and not doing their jobs. The Kenworth Renton employees are a great group of hard-working folks that bust their butts to make the best quality product on the road.I agree that there is tension in the plant due to the layoffs, but I can assure you that it does not reflect on the quality of the product.

More on Renton: an Employee Writes.

We'll take a look at Paccar's Q1 figures in a moment, but first let us share with you the following comments received from 'aressa' following our decision to post some pictures of the Kenworth plant in Renton, WA. Aressa's comments are in bold typeI was working in the Renton Plant the day that you took the pictures, and I am sure that there was plenty of activity going on!Certainly - We were taking photographs - didn't see much else.

Volvo's Numbers

Volvo has released its Q1 results - delayed as a result of the acquisition of Nissan Diesel.In headline terms, there's little that is unexpected here. We knew that the US market is plummeting, and here is evidence to confirm this view. Deliveries to North America slid 57 per cent in the January to April period to 9,964 units. The 2007 pre-buy writ large.Deliveries to Europe were relatively robust. In the first four months of the year, they edged increased by one per cent to 39,101 units. Shipments to West Europe slipped by six per cent, but rose 44 per cent to Eastern Europe.

New GM for Iveco Motors North America

Ted Bregar has been named as the new GM of Iveco Motors of North America.So what, you may ask. So we think that IMNA - a Fiat Powrertrain Technologies Company - may yet prove to be a Trojan Horse so far as NAFTA truck business is concerned.

CVG Closes Seattle Plant

CVG is to close its Seattle, WA Plant with the loss of 115 jobs.Citing a need to move its operations closer to its customers, the CVG release reads thus:"The decision to close the Seattle facility and redistribute the work was the result of a long-term analysis of changing market requirements, including the consolidation of product lines and closer proximity to customer operations.