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New GM for Iveco Motors North America

Ted Bregar has been named as the new GM of Iveco Motors of North America.So what, you may ask. So we think that IMNA - a Fiat Powrertrain Technologies Company - may yet prove to be a Trojan Horse so far as NAFTA truck business is concerned.

CVG Closes Seattle Plant

CVG is to close its Seattle, WA Plant with the loss of 115 jobs.Citing a need to move its operations closer to its customers, the CVG release reads thus:"The decision to close the Seattle facility and redistribute the work was the result of a long-term analysis of changing market requirements, including the consolidation of product lines and closer proximity to customer operations.

Daimler AG: Takeover Target?

A couple of things get us out of bed in the morning.Occasional victories over the forces of darkness are cool. So too is the discovery that our blatherings occasionally get support from people who know what they're talking about.OK - Business Week may not be infallible, but it's pretty respected, and here is an article - originally from Spiegel - that brings into play the notion of a post-Chrysler Daimler becoming a target for a Private Equity-driven takeover.

More GAZ

More news about fast-growing GAZ.It has struck a deal with Austria's AVL List GmbH that will see both companies cooperating on the design of diesel engines.Under the agreement, AVL List GmbH will become a general contractor for the GAZ group, and will work in order to design YAMZ-530 family engines through to both Euro 4 and Euro-5 standards.The two companies will also organize batch production and design modifications of YAMZ-530 engines for tractors, road-construction and agricultural machines and hybrid propulsion systems.

D Minus C: Some Questions.

An interesting piece here in the Lansing State Journal argues caution with reference to the Chrysler - Cerberus deal.Apparently, the principals are keen to have everything wrapped up by July. But the article cites the pertinent example of Ford's attempt to buy out Daewoo in 2000.

Renault Boosts European Plant Staff Levels by 500

A bit of news from Renault, which has announced that it is to boost staffing at its European plants by 500. We quote from the press release."To keep pace with the increased capacity soon offered by its production plants at Bourg-en-Bresse (Ain) and Blainville-sur-Orne (Calvados), Renault Trucks has decided to further increase its staff at these sites during 2007.The recruitment plan will create 500 new jobs, 440 for blue-collar works and 60 for technicians and supervisors, who will all be hired before the end of the year.

Transformers: Product Placement in Disguise

Agent M draws our attention to the upcoming release of the Transformers movie, and supplies us with an interesting snippet.Seems like a certain prominent US OEM was approached by Dreamworks with a view to providing a vehicle - but got cold feet at the mention of the proposed cost. At which point, no less a company than Paccar stepped in, and now one of its Class 8's graces the flick at various points.