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Anti-Kyoto Global Warming Denier Lambastes SCR for EPA 10

There's a bit of pot stirring going on at the Heartland Institute at the moment.Describing itself as "a nonprofit organization devoted to discovering and promoting free-market solutions to social and economic problems", the institute isn't keen on the EPA's approval of SCR for the EPA 10 emissions protocol. For reference, Global Warming isn't an issue either.

Dongfeng Profits Rise 10.27 Per Cent in 2006

News here of Dongfeng's 2006 numbers.Vehicle sales rose by 17.46 per cent to stand at 126,163 units. Net profit rose 10.27 per cent year-on-year to CNY434.34 million (£56.19 / €42.07 / £28.56 million) mainly due to higher vehicle and diesel engines sales. Sales of castings were up 17.32 per cent on 2005 at 26,000 tonnes.The Dongfeng Cummins JV also performed well.

Peterbilt: Spinning Numbers and Fooling No-one

Here's some eye-watering spin from Peterbilt.According to this report, it is working flat out to produce its 2008 model year trucks. This is a little bit disingenuous: does flat out mean at the levels seen during 2006?Er .... No.

Chinese Truck Sales and Production Fall in February

Truck production and sales declined in China last month, according to CAAM figures. 133,360 trucks were produced during February, down 1.39 per cent from the same period last year and down 19.49 per cent from January. Truck sales declined 3.02 per cent year-on-year to 117,582 units from 103,816 units a month earlier. Production and sales of LD trucks dropped 24.59 per cent and 13.78 per cent respectively from January's figures, to 63,702 and 59,279 units respectively.

DAF Launches Euro V LF

DAF has announced its Euro V compliant LF light duty range of Forward Control trucks.Three engine choices are on offer: the 4.5-litre four-cylinder Paccar FR engine with output of 160hp (118kW) and the 6.7-litre six-cylinder Paccar GR engine with outputs of 224hp (165kW) and 250hp (184kW).Both Peterbilt and Kenworth offer re-badged versions of the LF to the US market.

EPA OK's SCR for US Passenger Car, LD Vehicles

Dr Z is happy: the EPA has accepted the adoption of SCR technology for use in light vehicles sold in the US. The EPA held consultations on the new technology during 2006, and has now announced that it is satisfied with the system.US diesel supply is tight at the best of times - will the infrastructure be able to cope with a bump in demand caused by an increase in the US diesel passenger car parc?

Navistar Launches Third-Party Engineering Business

Navistar has announced the launch of a new division that will focus on third party engineering solutions. International Engineering Solutions will work out of the International Truck and Engine Development and Technology Center, and will offer engineering and product development solutions to customers.

ArvinMeritor to Double Indian Spending, R&D

More news on ArvinMeritor's global ambition is here.Not only is it looking to more than double its procurement from India - spent $100 million there last year and is likely to scale that figure up to $250 million this year - but it is also planning to double the headcount at its Bangalore-based R&D facility.BTW - the fundi