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Not a Truck, but a Plug for an Icon.

A key element of Ford’s survival strategy has been announced.It is going to revive the Taurus, a model name dropped last year, and apply it to the Five Hundred model; itself selling in units of one or two per eon.Oh dear. Last year, Ford lost over $400 per second. How will the re-adoption of the Taurus reverse this trend?

MAN. Making Hay whilst the Clouds Gather.

We’ve been looking forward to seeing MAN’s results for 2006.And here they are, complete with the sound of heads being patted, and champagne being uncorked. Alles ist schön.No it isn’t.

Yet Another Fuso Recall

There’s news here of yet another recall by Mitsubishi-Fuso.This has now passed any form of newsworthiness, and, with recalls seeming to be issued on an almost monthly basis one has to wonder where things are going to end up. This latest fiasco involves the Super Great heavy truck, but we’re hard pressed to think of a Fuso model that has not been the subject of a recall over the past couple of years. Which leads us to wonder how infinite DaimlerChrysler’s patience is.

Cummins Interview at

There is an excellent interview with Hugh Foden of Cummins over at A synopsis is contained here in editor Dave Leggett’s blog – which, by the way, never fails to offer a reasoned and – at times – counter-intuitive take on the auto industry as a whole. As far as the Cummins interview goes, it makes some very interesting reading, not least in terms of a Tier 1 engine manufacturer and its survival plans.

New Model MAN TGA Truck Set for 07 Launch?

Is this version 2 of MAN’s now rather venerable TGA? There looks to have been a bit of a reskin, with a slightly reshaped front end and light clusters. Not sure what's underneath, but MAN needs to get its Euro 5 act sorted out a bit sharpish, not least as Iveco has decided to offer Euro 5 at Euro 4 prices from March of this year.Continue reading to see the pic.

Euro 5 Only for Iveco

We hear that Iveco is planning to delist its Euro 4 option to coincide with the launch of the new model Stralis - due in early March - and likely to be on display at this year's CV Show.Iveco claims that all necessary OBD equipment will be built into the new truck, ahead of the October deadline. However, we understand that the Italian OEM is to maintain price parity with the Euro 4 offerings of other competing manufacturers.

Caterpillar. An Object Lesson in Blind Optimism

There is a TV show that airs in the US – and – for all I know, the UK too – called ‘Dirty Jobs’. And it is an apt description; some character with cable TV dentistry wanders around the place, engaging in the sort of jobs that most of us would find easy to pass up.One episode and he 's mopping out the modern day equivalent of the Augean Stables, the next he's John Prescott’s Proctologist. You get the idea.

New N-Series from Isuzu

There’s a preview here of Isuzu’s latest version of its N-Series.From what we can see it looks a good modern take on the retail lightweight genre, a market sector that seems to have come from nowhere over the past decade or so. Not sure if it’s just me, but it does bear some similarity – light clusters - to the Cabstar offered by Nissan and Renault.But it’s to May that we’re looking, and the launch of the new F-Series.

Volvo CNHTC Deal Set to Dissolve.

This report says that Volvo may have to end its JV with Chinese-OEM CNHTC as a result of its relationship with new-best-friend DongFeng. CNHTC is to file a listing application with the Hong Kong stock exchange next month. At the end of 2006, it projected sales of 60,000 units, and revenues of RMB 21 billion (£1.38 / $2.71 / €2.08 million). This all rather suggests that (1) the Chinese are getting ready to go it alone and (2) they’re not just thinking about China.