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Euro 5 Only for Iveco

We hear that Iveco is planning to delist its Euro 4 option to coincide with the launch of the new model Stralis - due in early March - and likely to be on display at this year's CV Show.Iveco claims that all necessary OBD equipment will be built into the new truck, ahead of the October deadline. However, we understand that the Italian OEM is to maintain price parity with the Euro 4 offerings of other competing manufacturers.

Caterpillar. An Object Lesson in Blind Optimism

There is a TV show that airs in the US – and – for all I know, the UK too – called ‘Dirty Jobs’. And it is an apt description; some character with cable TV dentistry wanders around the place, engaging in the sort of jobs that most of us would find easy to pass up.One episode and he 's mopping out the modern day equivalent of the Augean Stables, the next he's John Prescott’s Proctologist. You get the idea.

New N-Series from Isuzu

There’s a preview here of Isuzu’s latest version of its N-Series.From what we can see it looks a good modern take on the retail lightweight genre, a market sector that seems to have come from nowhere over the past decade or so. Not sure if it’s just me, but it does bear some similarity – light clusters - to the Cabstar offered by Nissan and Renault.But it’s to May that we’re looking, and the launch of the new F-Series.

Volvo CNHTC Deal Set to Dissolve.

This report says that Volvo may have to end its JV with Chinese-OEM CNHTC as a result of its relationship with new-best-friend DongFeng. CNHTC is to file a listing application with the Hong Kong stock exchange next month. At the end of 2006, it projected sales of 60,000 units, and revenues of RMB 21 billion (£1.38 / $2.71 / €2.08 million). This all rather suggests that (1) the Chinese are getting ready to go it alone and (2) they’re not just thinking about China.

LDV Heads to India?

Interesting to see here that GAZ has signed an agreement with Ural India. What could this be for, we wonder. UralAZ has an existing relationship with Iveco, and GAZ wants to take over the world.LDV for the Indian market? Certainly a thought.

Paccar. Needs Watching.

Paccar’s 2006 results are in, and, as we have come to expect from the Bellevue, Washington-based owner of the DAF, Kenworth and Peterbilt brands, they’re good.But ......

Volvo looking at MAN - rumour.

The rumour mill is working overtime at the moment. The latest from investorland is a mooted takeover of MAN by Volvo. Quoted in some reports is Equinet Securities AG Thomas Nagel, who says that there are: "Rumors Volvo AB might bid 90 euros apiece are boosting MAN shares.'' Unlikely, we’d suggest.

Applying the Brakes to Globalisation

This piece of analysis from Morgan Stanley catches the eye. It’s not about trucks per se, but more a counterpoint to the current globalisation debate.The author muses on the possibility of a return to what he terms ‘localisation’, and the impact thereof. And, given that the automotive industry has rushed headlong into a global world, what he has to say is not without significance. Bush is already adopting a quasi-isolationist posture – what happens if the rest of the world follows?

Week of Reckoning for Navistar

There’s an interesting report here concerning Navistar’s continuing woes.Tomorrow – Tuesday – it meets with NYSE officials with a view to postponing its mooted delisting from New York’s major exchange. If it gets dumped, then Navistar shares will be moved to the Pink Sheets.