1,000,000 Volvo rolls off line at factory

Volvo Gent

The one millionth Volvo truck has rolled off the production line in Volvo Trucks’ Gent Plant in Belgium.

The milestone was achieved in November last year when the Volvo FM came out of the Oostakker factory to be presented to Alderman Martine De Regge of the City of Gent, where the truck will join a fleet of 18 Volvo trucks. It will mainly be used for logistical support for the various city services.

Gent has been the site of Volvo production for since 1975 when the factory opened.

"It is, of course, fantastic to see how the circle is complete: a truck 'made' in Gent, used for Gent and built by the people in Volvo’s Gent factory. That is a fantastic story. Indeed, 'Hats off' for the people who have assembled the trucks in Gent for so many years, "says Johan Hoste, head of facility management for the City of Gent.