Alfa in charge of Red Forge support

Alfa Tail Lifts has confirmed that it is now the only company in the UK with the ability to complete the service and maintenance of the Red Forge system. Following its cessation of trading, Red Forge sold all rights to Alfa.

A statement on the website says “This deal includes many spare parts and the sole rights to software/portable units that allow PIN numbers to be generated to carry out set up and recalibration procedures. If anyone else other than Alfa Tail Lifts Ltd have the ability to generate access PINs then this is unauthorised use of this software or PIN generator units.”

Alfa’s 50 UK engineers include 20 with specific training on Red Forge products. These include former senior engineering staff transferred from Red Forge. For specific overload prevention advice, operators are requested to contact senior sales engineer Stuart Richardson 07815 966 622 or or call 0844 209 8320 for general enquiries.


Scania P450 low roof cab - Used Truck of the Day

Used Truck of the Day is a Scania P450 with a low cab.

First registered in 2016, this 6x2 is fitted with an automatic gearbox and has an in-filled catwalk.

Seller NR Trucks also has the ability to customise the vehicle according to your liking with light bars, leather seats or tipping hydraulics amongst the many options they can add.

See the full advert here.