Allison introduces new fuel economy transmissions

Allison Transmission has introduced two new versions of its xFE fully automatic transmission for use in medium-duty trucks.

The 3000 xFE and 3200 xFE models are designed for engines producing up to 370hp and 1695Nm of torque and with a gross vehicle weight of up to 28.5 tonnes.

The xFE (which stands for “extra fuel economy”) models are claimed to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 3.7% compared to the standard 3000 and 3200 Series transmissions. Greater gains are said to be made at speeds below 20mph, depending on the vehicle’s axle ratio, and above 45mph.

“Truck fleet operators everywhere are under legislative pressure to reduce emissions, and of course all fleets would like to reduce their fuel costs. These new xFE transmissions could be a critical tool in helping OEMs and fleets make a 15% CO2 emission reduction by 2025 and 30% by 2030, as required by EU CO2 emissions standards for heavy-duty vehicles. Doing much more with today’s efficient diesel technology is an affordable and environmentally-responsible stepping stone on the path towards electrification and other non-fossil fuel propulsion systems for which we also have suitable propulsion solutions,” said Sjoerd Vos, Allison Transmission director of EMEA marketing.

The xFE gearboxes improve fuel economy by enabling the engine to spend more time in higher ranges and at lower rpms. Allison say the 3000 xFE and 3200 xFE lock up in first gear rather than second, making the final overdrives deeper, improving the spread of gear ratios from 5.37 to 5.91. The 3000 xFE and 3200 xFE are available with or without a retarder and come with Allison’s FuelSense 2.0 package of smart controls which include Neutral at Stop, to reducing engine load when stationary, Acceleration Rate Management to mitigate aggressive driving by controlling engine torque and DynActive Shifting which alters gear shift points according to factors such as vehicle weight, road gradient, stop-start frequency, and throttle use.

Mandarin Stone expands fleet with new DAF XF drawbar

Back in 1989, Alma Small was selling a few slate tiles out of the boot of her estate car. Today, the Monmouth-based founder and managing director of Mandarin Stone has just added the tenth, and largest, vehicle to her truck fleet, all DAFs supplied and supported by Watts TVC at Newport.

The new truck is a DAF XF530 FAN drawbar combination, pictured at handover with transport manager Mark Lane (left), Small and Watts’ salesman Kristian Seddon.

The XF’s Space Cab is finished in DAF factory grey metallic paint on the outside, with Exclusive leather trim, Xtra leather air seats and Xtra Comfort mattress inside.

Transport Enterprises supplied the bodywork with 16in triple aluminium dropsides and tailgate, and matching 24-tonne tri-axle drawbar trailer, connected by a Jost air-operated drawbar coupling. The new XF joins three XF450 FA 18-tonne and six LF 12-tonne curtainsiders.

Together, they deliver high-quality stone and porcelain floor and wall products to Mandarin Stone’s 13 showrooms, which employ 140 staff at Monmouth and Cardiff in Wales and across the whole of southern England as far up as Wilmslow, Cheshire.