Arson attack on home-delivery vans

Police in Bristol have condemned the actions of arsonists who torched two Iceland delivery vans.

At a time when the country was effectively in lockdown, Avon and Somerset Police said it was “beyond belief” that the vehicles were destroyed by fire.

The force said this was one of several incidents of arson and criminal damage that occurred between about 10pm on Monday 23 March and 12.30am on the 24th.

Patrolling officers came across the vehicles and said they believed a group of teenagers were involved.

Richard Walker, MD at Iceland foods, later Tweeted a picture of the burnt out vans and added: “At a time when home delivery is literally a lifeline for some vulnerable people, this is sickening.”

Neighbourhood chief inspector Mark Runacres said: “Just hours after the Prime Minister announced that everyone in the country should stay home to save lives it is beyond belief that anyone would be so reckless and thoughtless.

“Officers were already patrolling the area following recent instances of anti-social behaviour (ASB) and we’ll continue to do so.

“We put an order in place last night under ASB legislation to give officers extra powers to disperse groups and will continue to use these existing powers to tackle this problem.”


From the Frontline: DAF Trucks offers a two-month R&M contract freeze to customers affected by COVID-19

Operators who are being forced to park-up their DAF trucks on R&M contracts during the COVID-19 outbreak, can request help from their dealers, according to DAF Trucks UK MD Laurence Drake.

Talking to Commercial Motor today (25 March), he confirmed that there are currently two options to consider. “Firstly, there’s a two-month credit, where they don’t have to pay anything for two months,” he explained. “The R&M contract continues, and then they catch up in future months. So they have two months at zero, four months at normal payments, and then there will be four months at 150%.”

The second option is a contract freeze, whereby DAF stops the R&M contract for up to two months. “This gives our customers some breathing space, lets them take stock of the situation, and then we can talk again after that,” he said.

The dealer network has been briefed and is ready to help, Drake confirmed.