BBA Shipping and Transport puts an Oakley-bodied Scania horebox on the road


Newmarket-based equestrian shipping specialist BBA Shipping and Transport has taken delivery of its first Scania, a G410 with an Oakley-built nine-stall racehorse body.

Supplied by local dealer TruckEast with a seven-year repair and maintenance contract, it is expected to average 100,000km per year, mostly on five-day runs between France and Ireland.

BBA MD Kevin Needham said: “When we were looking at options we knew the upfront cost was higher, but we believe it is that for a reason. For the length of service our horseboxes run, the lifetime value of Scania worked out better for us. We needed a truck that delivers our requirements but above all, we want one that is reliable, with the back-up and service behind us.”

New Mercedes-Benz Unimog U530 will work on UK's smart motorways


Landscape maintenance and arboriculture specialist Acorn Environmental Management Group has taken delivery of its first Mercedes-Benz Unimog.

The Rygor Commercials-supplied U530 implement carrier, which tows a US-built FINN T75T HydroSeeder, will be used to discharge gel-protected seed and fertilizers under high pressure over a distance of up to 90 feet.

Redditch-based Acorn Environmental has contracts to seed the banks and verges on Britain’s growing network of smart motorways. It has completed projects on the M1 and M5, and is currently working on the M6 as a sub-contractor to the Balfour Beatty Vinci joint venture.

The operator has previously relied on agricultural tractors to fulfil this role. However, as MD Kevin O’Rourke revealed, there was a significant drawback to doing so.“Tractors are not permitted to operate on the motorway, so must always remain within the traffic management area,” he said. “This meant that when we ran out of water we needed bowser wagons to come in and fill us up, which often entailed frustrating delays as well as the obvious additional costs.

“With the Unimog, that’s all behind us. The truck is superb on rough ground, of course, but unlike a tractor it’s also capable of achieving on-road speeds of 56mph. As a result, when we need more water for the hydroseeder’s 700-gallon tank we can just exit the traffic management area and travel back to the source at the main depot to refill.”