Clearaway gets first 16-tonne Ategos for added payload

Waste management specialist Clearaway has taken delivery of its first 16-tonne Mercedes-Benz Atego skiploaders.

Supplied by Sparshatt Truck & Van and financed through Daimler Truck Financial Services UK the trucks are construction-specification 1524 K variants with short, ClassicSpace S-cabs and Hyva lifting equipment.

They’ve been chosen for their increased capacity which includes a near 7.5-tonne payload. The 15-strong fleet also includes four other Atego trucks from the light- and medium-duty range with two 13.5-tonne skip-loaders and a pair of 7.5-tonners. They also have several Arocs chassis with six 18-tonne skiploaders, two 32-tonne eight-wheelers.

Sister company Wasteaway also operates from the same site and runs a fleet of 40 Mercedes-Benz tractor units that pull walking floor trailers. They collect commercial and domestic waste from transfer stations throughout Essex and Kent. 

Clearway director Paul Whitehair said: “We’re really pleased with our first 16-tonners. They’re no bigger than the 13.5-tonne Atego, but each offers a very useful increase of approximately 2,400kg in body and payload allowance.”

“Our Mercedes-Benz trucks have proved over the last 10 years to be exceptionally strong and reliable, which is crucial given the nature of our operations. Skip-loaders will always get knocked about a bit, yet we still have a couple that are on 15-plates – I was going to let them go a little while back but haven’t done so yet because they’re still good, solid trucks that continue to stand the test of time.”