CM Show 2020: Consultation service proving popular for Fleet Planner Compliance Solutions

Having launched a consultation service in March, Fleet Planner Compliance Solutions used The Commercial Motor Show to tell visitors to its stand about its new range of services

“We are now offering a transport consultancy services as well as fleet management software,” explained Margaret Andrews, fleet planner consultant.

“We try to listen to clients and show them how their work can be managed more easily instead of only showing them how the software works. A demo is usually done on a 1:1 basis as it's not only about how to use it but also about benefit's for the client and how it can be adapted depending on client's needs and what they are looking for. Increasingly, we have been helping with FORS accreditation and the software can assist with the compliance and management of the FORS accreditation process.

Fleet Planner Compliance Solutions believes their USP is that they can not only provide software to improve compliance but also consult on matters important to the industry.

CM Show 2020: Cameras can protect against more than just insurance claims, according to Fastview 360

Operators are finding ever more inventive ways of using camera systems to protect themselves and their operations according to Nick Billington, Fastview 360 commercial director.

“Our job is to get the video evidence of an incident that has happened but we’ve seen that customers are using it not just for insurance claims, but also as proof of delivery, to detail access issues, and monitor theft. It’s really expanding as a product,” Billington explained.

Up to eight cameras can work on a single system, with a dual system allowing as many as 15 units, to record video in 1080p quality whenever certain events occur.

“The system works off events, it can be a door opening or an accident. For example, one of the events we have is if a driver drivers off without securing the HIAB, the manager will get a notification and action can be taken. We design these systems for the customer, and people are using us more and more to give video proof of something that has happened.”

Billington gives the example of an onboard camera recording the successful delivery of a pallet to a customer, ensure that not only has the load arrived safely, but that it is complete.

“It’s a change in concept, and one where reliability becomes absolutely paramount. We’ve spent so much time developing our system that a lot of our customers have come from clients who have tried other cameras and turn to us because of our product and service.

When people trial our system we have found that we never lose a trial and in five years of trading we’ve never lost a customer. All of a sudden customers start to recognise what they can use it for, and video proof becomes everything.”