CM Show 2020: TyreWatch brings connected, real-time monitoring to fleets

TyreWatch will be ready to roll at this autumn’s Commercial Motor Show with its real-time, connected tyre management technology for fleets.

The business strives to help customers run efficiently at all times, with tyre monitoring a key element in reducing fleet operation costs.

TyreWatch technology combines continuous tyre monitoring, Formula One style telematics and powerful artificial intelligence.

Sensors which process both pressure and temperature are mounted securely within the wheels. These send data to the on-board TyreWatch controller, which collates data from all the sensors. 

This controller automatically couples with the trailer’s sender unit, without any driver or fleet office involvement. 

The TyreWatch controller provides a real-time condition report on every tyre, which is simple to view on any device, from mobiles to desktop computers.

In addition, TyreWatch technology can support operators with their wider environmental challenges. 

Optimising rolling resistance, for example, can significantly reduce fuel consumption and lower carbon emissions. 

And the reduced friction can also prevent excessive and premature tyre tread wear, minimising particulate emissions (PM2.5) and microplastic tyre debris. 

On top of this, the business said TyreWatch can “virtually eliminate” premature tyre failure in fleets, actively reducing the number of tyres manufactured.

In just four years, TyreWatch has gained clients across the UK, mainland Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Australia, with strong support from its local networks. 

The digital technology can be easily integrated with well-known third party telematic platforms, typically solutions that leverage efficiency across operational, regulatory or performance.

“TyreWatch is smart technology that is simple to use and proven to drive fleet efficiency,” said Glenn Sherwood, director at TyreWatch.

“We are delighted to be involved and exhibiting at the Commercial Motor Show and have the opportunity to showcase our product and platform to the transport industry to demonstrate what is needed tomorrow is available today.”

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CM Show 2020: Lytx reveals risky driving reduced despite rising traffic levels

Commercial drivers in the UK are being more safety conscious than ever, despite facing new challenges on the roads, according to fleet video telematics provider Lytx.

This is a key topic the team from Lytx will be on hand to advise visitors to their virtual stand on at the brand-new Commercial Motor Show this autumn, taking place from 29 September to 1 October.

New data derived from Lytx’s UK driving-risk database shows that despite increased pressures as a result of the pandemic, risky driving behaviours are still significantly lower than the same period in 2019 – in many cases, by up to 50%. 

This is having a positive impact when minimising the chance of collisions: in the five week period from 8 June – 12 July, more than half (53%) of near collision incidents were ‘unavoidable’ – meaning the commercial-vehicle driver exhibited perfect driving safety behaviours, and did nothing to contribute to a near-miss which could have otherwise turned into a collision.  

This commitment to best practice comes at a time when commercial fleets are contending with busier roads, as the government encourages people back into the workplace with public transport still avoided by many. 

Damian Penney, vice president of Lytx Europe, said: ‘‘Our data shows that commercial drivers are responding incredibly well to busier roads. 

“We know from conversations with our customers that many fleets have increased their driver coaching during the pandemic and we can see that it has had a positive effect, with best practice behaviours intuitively kicking in when drivers need them most.’’ 

He added that as the UK continues to “get back to normal”, it remains crucial fleet managers keep using data insights to understand what is happening in and out of the cab – and that those all-important conversations between driver and manager are taking place. 

“Not only is this an opportunity to address any risky behaviours or to feedback on an incident, but to reward safe driving which we can see is happening,” said Penney.