CM Show 2020: TyreWatch brings connected, real-time monitoring to fleets

TyreWatch will be ready to roll at this autumn’s Commercial Motor Show with its real-time, connected tyre management technology for fleets.

The business strives to help customers run efficiently at all times, with tyre monitoring a key element in reducing fleet operation costs.

TyreWatch technology combines continuous tyre monitoring, Formula One style telematics and powerful artificial intelligence.

Sensors which process both pressure and temperature are mounted securely within the wheels. These send data to the on-board TyreWatch controller, which collates data from all the sensors. 

This controller automatically couples with the trailer’s sender unit, without any driver or fleet office involvement. 

The TyreWatch controller provides a real-time condition report on every tyre, which is simple to view on any device, from mobiles to desktop computers.

In addition, TyreWatch technology can support operators with their wider environmental challenges. 

Optimising rolling resistance, for example, can significantly reduce fuel consumption and lower carbon emissions. 

And the reduced friction can also prevent excessive and premature tyre tread wear, minimising particulate emissions (PM2.5) and microplastic tyre debris. 

On top of this, the business said TyreWatch can “virtually eliminate” premature tyre failure in fleets, actively reducing the number of tyres manufactured.

In just four years, TyreWatch has gained clients across the UK, mainland Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Australia, with strong support from its local networks. 

The digital technology can be easily integrated with well-known third party telematic platforms, typically solutions that leverage efficiency across operational, regulatory or performance.

“TyreWatch is smart technology that is simple to use and proven to drive fleet efficiency,” said Glenn Sherwood, director at TyreWatch.

“We are delighted to be involved and exhibiting at the Commercial Motor Show and have the opportunity to showcase our product and platform to the transport industry to demonstrate what is needed tomorrow is available today.”

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CM Show 2020: Webfleet Solutions and Bridgestone eye future fleet innovation

cm show

Webfleet Solutions and Bridgestone are looking forward to an ‘incredible opportunity’ to bring their latest products and connected mobility solutions to life at the virtual Commercial Motor Show this autumn.

Both companies are working together to demonstrate how advanced technologies can help truck and van operators drive efficiencies, realise cost-savings, reduce their carbon footprint and raise the bar in service delivery.

The Commercial Motor Show is a virtual exhibition and conference running from 29 September to 1 October.

Visitors to the road transport industry event will see the latest vehicles, products and services offered by exhibitors online, as well as get the chance to listen to webinars, and take part in live exhibitor chats, video calls and product demonstrations.

Beverley Wise, sales director UK, Webfleet Solutions, said: "This is an incredible opportunity for fleet operators to discover more about how mobility solutions can help shape the future of their operations and drive cost efficiencies as they navigate the post-pandemic landscape.

“At the online Commercial Motor Show, we look forward to demonstrating how the synergies between our two brands can set truck and van operators on the right track to achieving their company-wide objectives, whilst delivering outstanding service and results.”

Bridgestone’s commercial sales director Greg Ward added: “We are continuing on our transformation journey from tyre producer to mobility solutions leader with Webfleet Solutions.

“With demand for fleet-based mobility growing year-on-year, fleet managers need more than ever before a reliable and innovative partner to help them maximise their effectiveness and efficiency through increased productivity and minimised total cost of ownership.

“Now, together, Bridgestone and Webfleet Solutions have the tools, insights and experience to fulfil those demands. We look forward to bringing this message to life.”

At the Commercial Motor Show, Webfleet Solutions will demonstrate how business processes can be streamlined with seamlessly connected, end-to-end systems, including integrations with applications ranging from transport management systems and on-board cameras, to mileage, route optimisation and HGV specific navigation.

Visitors can also learn about the latest enhanced Webfleet features for the transport sector, including Asset Tracking, which gives companies visibility over the position and usage of their powered assets, and TachoShare, a remote download and archiving module that enables users to share data directly with their analysis software.

Meanwhile, Bridgestone will talk about the latest additions to its tyre ranges, including the Ecopia H002, engineered to improve companies’ fuel economy and reduce CO2 emissions, the ultra-durable Duravis R002, designed to help fleets lower their operational costs by reducing cost per kilometre, and the COACH-AP 001, a cost-efficient option developed specifically for coach fleet managers.

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