Collision prevention rising to top of agenda for fleet managers

CV Show 2018 show floor


Collision prevention is becoming more of a priority for transport managers, and telematics solutions are helping to achieve this.

“We are seeing safety and the proactive side of collision prevention coming top of people’s agendas,” said Caroline Hurst from video telematics provider Lyxt.

The demand for systems such as Lyxt’s DriveCam Enterprise, is increasing, Hurst said.

Lyxt’s system captures 12-second video clips of unsafe driving – anything from harsh breaking to driving too close to the vehicle in front – which is then sent to the client.

This can then be used to coach drivers into better practices to avoid such incidents happening in the future.

“We know based on certain behaviours that we see drivers exhibiting that if they are left uncoached it will result in a specific type of incident, so we try and get to the root cause and change behaviours before incidents happen,” adds Hurst.