Commercial Motor Awards 2017: Workshop Innovation of the Year shortlist profiled

The Workshop Innovation of the Year Award at the Commercial Motor Awards 2017 recognises an outstanding product, tool or service that has increased productivity; solved problems and improved efficiencies when it comes to maintaining the roadworthiness of commercial vehicles.
The independent panel of judges looked for evidence of business growth as a result of using the product, tool or service; improved customer compliance levels and a supplier going beyond business as usual to meet the needs of the customer.

A winner in 2016 for its daily walk around vehicle checks app (pictured above), CheckedSafe has moved on significantly in the past 12 months. It now offers the CheckedSafe Compliance Management System, which works in tandem with the walk around app. Whereas before users were able to geotag checking; identify time spent on walk around checks and report defaults, using the Compliance Management System has added a multitude of features. These include scheduling MOT reminders; insurance; driver licence checks as well as the operator being able to specify checks to specific users and upload periodic inspection documents – among many others. Judges said that “clients will undoubtedly see growth or cost savings through improved efficiencies”.

Described by the judges as a “very innovative idea, created in true entrepreneurial spirit” City Hydraulic Hose offers an independent lifting system based on a semi-trailer that any haulier with a standard tractor unit can use. Utilising a Pesci 955 A5 crane, with a lifting capacity of 5,760kgs at 13.1m, mounted to the neck of a semi low loader gives the ability to carry longer and taller items than any standard lorry mounted crane. The benefit of using a tri-axle trailer means operators can have a payload equal to lifting capability whilst remaining inside of Construction and Use Regulations.  By virtue of being fully self-contained with a mounted power pack, operators can pull the trailer with any standard tri-axle tractor unit as opposed to having a vehicle mounted crane.

Inspect is r2c Online’s digital job and document management system designed specifically for workshops and eradicates the problems that manual paperwork processes provide in workshops. Using Inspect workshop technicians can simply, quickly and accurately capture data on the shop floor or out in the field. Inspect digitises any workflow processes, from inspections to service and maintenance, and produce documentation. Instant online access to complete vehicle history documents means that all users are all on the same page in real-time. In 2017 its customer base topped 18,000 fleets and 800 workshops. Judges praised the good business growth and a product with “clear benefits for the industry”.

RHA ExtraClick+ takes the guesswork out of securing LGV/HGV loads using 5-ton rated ratchets and straps. It has often been difficult for people to ascertain whether the optimum tension on the ratchet strap had been reached, causing potential damage to drivers’ physical health, to the load and posing potential danger to other road users. The ExtraClick+  device is force indicator, by applying upward pressure on the handle, the device clicks to alert the operator that the desired tension has been achieved. Judges said the device is a “great idea” and “simple but effective” with “clear benefits for the industry”.

Truckfile is an app that turns paper based compliance into the digital compliance needed for the DVSAs flagship Earned Recognition programme. The app runs on a range of digital devices: jobs can be downloaded to it and it will work independently without a live Internet connection. In the workshop using the app is as simple as filling in a paper job sheet, but the app all items are always completed, all defects have a rectification path, no defects are missed, all questions have the right answers and job sheets are signed off in a quality control process. “The app has some great multi features all under one roof” said one judge; Truckfile users, said one judge “will have a clear advantage” when it comes to keeping compliant.

Commercial Motor Dealer Awards 2016 Highlights