Crossland Tankers introduces a new design

Crossland Tankers brought the first of its new 6.8-tonnes 28,000-litre stainless steel lightweight single compartment molasses tankers to this year’s show from global commodity trader Prime, hooked up to the firms new Scania S 500 6x2 with a midlift axle.

One of the two unique features of the design was the positioning of the side mounted ladder, allowing the hose to be used on either side without having to drag it below the rear end, reducing wear and tear.

Secondly, the tank-top walkway occupies the full width with both sets of handrails operational from above or at ground level with control panels located in both places. Either the left or right side can be lowered or raised individually increasing operator safety while accommodating the loading arm.

Two baffles and three lids provide access to the unit, Crosslands business development manager Bryn Ives said, “Easing the cleaning and loading processes. The driver needn’t worry about which side the loading arm is located on either because of the mechanical handrails.”  

Enhanced lamps and extra reversing lights were specified to ensure optimal visibility during night operations or challenging conditions, helping the crew to stay safe, Ives adds.

Whale Tankers shows the UK’s first fully electric MVC at Drain-ex 2019


Whale Tankers showed its eWhale at Drain-ex 2019, which it described as the UK’s first fully electric MVC (medium volume combination) tanker.

The 19-tonne zero-emission gully-cleaner and drain-jetter, which is designed to operate in inner city night-time environments and ultra-low emission zones, started out as a diesel-powered DAF LF. It then went to Holland-based electric vehicle specialist EMOSS where a 250kW electric motor and two banks of lithium ion batteries were installed.

Fitted with a twin compartment tank – one featuring a water capacity of 3,600 litres, the second 4,600 litres for debris/sludge - it has a range of 68 miles, and can empty and jet 150 gullies on a single charge.

The truck, which was highly commended in the Tip-ex Tank-ex Show Innovation Award category, is about to go on trial in London with Veolia.