DAF powers ahead with new range of EV chargers

DAF Trucks has launched a new range of electric vehicle chargers to help customers power its LF Electric and CF Electric trucks.

The new fixed charging stations will come in power levels from 20kW to 350kW and are supported by a range of mobile chargers with power from 24kW to 40kW.

The range of charging stations has been introduced to support both single electric trucks and fleets with the 20kW to 50kW PACCAR chargers designed for individual trucks that can be charged overnight, while the fast-charging 120kW and 180kW PACCAR chargers are better suited to fleets with multiple routes or working in multiple shifts. DAF says the 180kW unit provides enough power to charge most trucks in less than three hours.

The range’s most powerful charger is a 350kW ultra-fast unit able to apply full-rated power in less than two hours or fast-charge two vehicles simultaneously.

In addition, the range of mobile chargers is said to be ideal for roadside assistance or for use in workshops.

“The application of fully electric trucks requires a specific way of planning and operations”, said Richard Zink, DAF Trucks director of marketing and sales.

“DAF makes this conversion as easy as possible for its customers. We always advise about how an electric truck delivers the highest return on investment in the daily operation. And as from today we also offer our customers premium quality charging equipment so that they are assured of the most optimal integration between the truck and charging station.”

Sponsored: Dutch company Burgers Carrosserie steps into the UK transport market with customisable double deck trailer

Burgers Carrosserie's double deck trailer can be used for global transport and be made, for example, at the UK height requirement (4.88m) or the European standard height requirements. The possibilities are nearly endless, according to Burgers Carrosserie.

Burgers Carrosserie started in 1925 and grew to be the leading double deck trailer manufacturer in Europe, with customers including Co-op, SPAR and ACTION.

“As of now, Burgers produces eight double deck trailers on a weekly basis. As of next year, Burgers will produce 400 trailers annually”, according to the CEO of Burgers Carrosserie, Ton Burgers. Burgers Carrosserie currently has a diverse team of representatives operating in multiple countries all over the world for example: Chile, Australia, Denmark, South Korea, Portugal and Poland.

Burgers Carrosserie has already “dipped its toes” into the UK market once before by delivering two double deck trailer chassis to John Lewis through Transdek UK. Burgers Carrosserie feels that now is the time to expand into the UK market and demonstrate the scope and possibilities of our knowledge and expertise.

The strength of Burgers Carrosserie are the customisation options when it comes to double deck trailers and the efficiency of our product.

“We build all kinds of double deck trailers. Refrigerated and frozen transport, a short double deck trailer of 11m specifically designed for urban areas, special height requirements for transport globally, or a customisable tail lift. All options are discussable at Burgers Carrosserie,” added Burgers.

Are you interested and do you want to know more about the possibilities of the Double Deck Trailer from Burgers? Contact Burger Carrosserie on +31 085 0227 700 or [email protected]