DAF pushed the benefits of HVO during Freight in the City

DAF at Freight in the City

DAF pushed the benefits of hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO), and showed a Euro-6 LF 230 FA 4x2 skip-loader which, like all DAF models, can run on the fuel without any modifications. One of the advantages of HVO, DAF claims, is hauliers can utilise both it and diesel on tramping operations where EVs are less practical.

Marketing manager Phil Moon said: “EVs can be unpredictable in terms of range as the infrastructure isn’t there. HVO offers a 45% reduction in CO2, and you can use it on the way to a drop, but use diesel on the way back if you so wished."

But Moon explained that HVO is between 5% and 10% more expensive per litre than diesel, which puts some operators off. “If there was a government incentive like there is with EVs, more operators would take up the idea”.

Check out the show highlights from Freight in the City 2019 in this video: https://youtu.be/rmbH-V7-OMo

Freight In The City 2019 Highlights

Renault Trucks aims to re-gain municipal market advantage

Renault at Freight in the City

Renault Trucks announced at Freight in the City, that it is setting its sights on the municipal sector, and believes its ZE technology will help to boost its appeal. The first vehicle in its zero-emission range is the Master ZE, which features a 57kW battery, giving it a 124-mile range. Although initially only available as a 3.1-tonne GVW panel van, next year it will be joined by a chassis cab and higher GVWs. Also arriving in 2020 are RHD Range D and Range D Wide 16- and 26-tonners. Order books are open, with deliveries expected in week 11. 
Renault Trucks head of LCV Grahame Neagus said: “We’ve always been popular in refuse collection with our D Wide, but we are looking to expand into other pockets, like construction.”


Renault Trucks launch new Master Red Edition van and ZE technology key to municipal vehicle strategy