Daikin enters refrigerated transport industry with Exigo trailer fridge

Daikin Industries, a long established manufacturer of air pumps, air conditioners and refrigeration equipment, has entered the transport industry with its Exigo trailer fridge.

“Exigo is based on the concept of efficiency,” said Daikin’s product manager Marco Napolitano, who explains that technological innovations include a full variable speed compressor, which is driven by an inverter. Daikin claims this gives it 20% lower fuel consumption versus a fixed speed unit. 

A fully electric version, which can run on battery-electric or fuel cell vehicles is currently in development, and will come to market in early 2023.

The Exigo will be available in the UK next via Daikin’s UK affiliate Hubbard.

“OK Lamberet” as trailer maker introduces voice activation

Lamberet has added voice activation to the Multiplex system it launched at Solutrans two years ago.

Multiplex already allowed the driver to control and synchronise various trailer functions, such as opening the rear roller door, lowering the tailgate and turning the interior lights on and off. Now it can be done hands-free via Bluetooth in a smartphone app.

“This technological advance makes being a delivery driver a more attractive job,” said a spokesman.