Daimler's trucks to be carbon neutral within 20 years

Daimler’s European truck range will be CO2-neutral by 2039, a move it will achieve by replacing diesel-powered engines with battery-powered and hydrogen fuel cell drivelines.

The company is already conducting on-road customer trials with its FUSO eCanter and Mercedes-Benz eActros trucks (pictured), and says these will be commercially available from 2022. Hydrogen-powered trucks will be in series production by the end of the 2020s, with trials beginning several years earlier.

But Christoph Behrendt, head of strategic projects at Daimler Trucks, stressed that for carbon-neutral drivelines to be a success, they will need to at least have the same total cost of ownership as diesel-powered trucks. This, he says, will be difficult if fossil fuels continue to be relatively inexpensive. With this in mind, he is calling for governments to incentivise the use of zero-emission drivelines.

But even with incentives in place, he warned that switching to CO2-neutral propulsion will make transport and logistics more expensive, and will lead to increasing prices. “We will need to adjust, both as an industry and as a society,” he said.

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AS24 services

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As well as paying for fuel, the card also gives drivers access to AdBlue pumps and bottles, truck wash facilities, 24/7 breakdown assistance in 40 European countries, and  an extensive secure parking network.

It also offers a solution for European Tolling via a one box, one invoice solution for seven countries, including France, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Portugal, The Bridges in Norway and Sweden. Germany will soon be included within this service too, and the fuel card can be used to pay tolls in a further 18 countries.

AS24 is giving hauliers a connected system alongside the before mentioned solutions, which is designed so that fleet managers can locate and monitor trailer unhitching.

It sends fleet managers alerts regarding maintenance deadlines on top of this, and can be used to check the amount of time at standstill, or to check the pairing between a tractor unit and trailer. AS24 will also recover your VAT if required it to do so.

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