D&L Haulage (Dorset) saves time and money with TPMS from TyreWatch

Poole-based moving-floor specialist D&L Haulage (Dorset) is saving time and money thanks to TyreWatch tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and tyre service provider Universal Tyres.

“Darren Wrann, MD at D&L, came to me because he felt the fleet had reached a size where he needed to address his tyre spend,” explained Wayne Willavoys, account manager at Universal Tyres. “I put together a PPK tyre contract for him and started looking at initiatives to reduce his downtime.”

One such initiative was the introduction of TPMS from TyreWatch. “Darren liked the idea, so we ran a trial on two of his trailers, that being where he was getting the bulk of his punctures. The system proved its worth in the first week, when we were able to catch five events on just one of them!” continued Willavoys.

TyreWatch monitors every tyre in a fleet, looking for changes in pressure and temperature, and alerting the operator when an issue is detected.

“In the case of those first five events, by liaising with D&L's transport office when the alerts came through, we were able to get a van deployed to meet up with the driver immediately, massively reducing his downtime,” Willavoys said. “This meant that instead of the driver waiting for a standard 90-minute call out, the job was done and dusted in 25-30 minutes on all occasions.”

Full range of Volvo trucks now available with electric power

Volvo electric

Volvo Trucks has said it believes the time is right for the electrification of heavy road transport to take a major leap forward. This comes as it confirmed that it is now taking orders for battery electric version of its full range.

The FL and FE models for the distribution and utilities sectors have been garnering orders for some time, and the first deliveries to UK operators are expected within the next two months. Now, the Swedish manufacturer has confirmed that as of this month, it is accepting orders for the rest of the range.

These are the middle-weight FM family, the construction-sector specific FMX and the long-haul top-weight FH. First deliveries of these models is realistically estimated as being in Q3, 2022. Prospective purchasers will be making a leap of faith, with no pricing information available yet, except that the premium will be substantial. The first operators will clearly be driven their own and their customers’ ambitious climate targets, rather than simple economics.

Volvo Trucks president Roger Alm said “More and more transport companies are realising they need to start their electrification journey right now, both with the environment in mind and for competitive reasons to satisfy customer requirements for sustainable shipping. With Volvo Trucks’ wide and deep offering, it is totally feasible for far more transport companies to go electric.”

The next stage in Volvo’s zero-tailpipe emission programme will utilise hydrogen fuel cells. Alm said “This technology is developing rapidly and our ambition is also to make the long driving distances electrified, using both batteries and fuel cells. Our aim is to start selling fuel-cell electric trucks in the second part of this decade and we are confident we can make this happen.”